Divoom TimeBox Speaker Clock Radio w/ Addressable RGB LEDs!

Friday, December 30, 2016

If you are in the market looking for nifty gadgets, the TimeBox speaker clock radio from Divoom will make you take a second look!
Divoom's TimeBox is a quality sounding Bluetooth speaker with awesome functionality that include smart alarm clock, social media notification adviser, sleep-aid and 121 addressable RGB LEDs, each of which can be individually set to a certain color to create a Pixel art animation.
You can make your own pixel animation on the Timebox via the TimeBox app and the results you get are pretty awesome, The quality of these gem-designed LEDs is so vivid that art creations really jump at you. The luminosity produced by these LEDS equals that of a 3-watt lamp.
In player mode, the TimeBox speaker clock radio allows you to toggle between pre-set LED art creations that will dance at the beat of any music track you play. 
the LED brightness can also be adjusted via hand-clapping
DSP (Digital Sound Processing) & Bluetooth 4.0 SMART
Below is the TimeBox in action displaying Pixel art while delivering great quality sound via a 5-watt speaker with passive radiator:
The TimeBox has a square shape so it measures 11cm high and 11cm across. It's around 5cm wide and weights 383 grams. The picture below shows the back end of the Timebox with a metal grill that protects the speaker. The outer casing has a white matt UV coating.
The TimeBox has a built-in 3.7V 2500mAh battery that is recharged fully in 3.5 hours via micro USB cable at 5-volts/1-amp. 
The other two ports on the TimeBox are the AUX In to connect a male 3.5mm jack to a 3.5 mm audio source, and an AUX out.
The AUX output is a nifty feature that not many Bluetooth speakers feature, which allows you to connect another speaker to the TimeBox to enhance its sound.
The TimeBox's speaker has a frequency response between 60Hz and 20000Hz and the wireless range is up to 10 meters.
Other practical features you get with the TimeBox are a built-in FM tuner, built-in microphone and temperature sensor reading
On top of that, you get 9 user-controlled buttons that allow you to control the Timebox. These include a Power button, Play/Pause button, Skip-Forward/Skip-Back, VolumeUp/VolumeDown buttons and FM radio button. The Snooze button and Lighting buttons are also used for other functions such as setting the date.

micro USB cable and 3.5 mm-to-3.5 mm cable, both included
clear instructions booklet included
Divoom's TimeBox app is the other half that compliments this clever gadget. Via the TimeBox app, you can set up alarms, play music, broadcast radio, play games and draw cool designs.
The Design feature of the TimeBox app is actually pretty nifty. From the TimeBox app, you can draw a color pattern that you can then beam to the TimeBox device itself. 

Here is the Design feature in action:

Another cool app feature that is really fun is Voice Message, which is a voice interface where you can record your distorted voice from very deep to high-pitched and then send it across TimeBox's speaker. 
Here is Voice Message in action:

TimeBox's Sleep feature is also handy. You can set a sleep timer and choose from 22 pre-recorded sleep-aid sounds that you can listen to while you fall asleep. Check out the review of the Planet 9 lamp and Divoom Pixoo Max.

The TimeBox LED settings can also be adjusted from the app
You can program up to 12 wake-up alarms with Divoom's TimeBox speaker clock radio

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  1. How do you turn on the aux output?
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