H9 Mini QWERTY Keyboard With Backlight And Adjustable Touchpad!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

The H9 mini keyboard is a RF wireless QWERTY keyboard with trackpad/mouse for Android TV boxes and mini PCs. With that said, the H9 mini keyboard has a smart TV remote control function so you can also use it with smart TVs.
The H9 mini QWERTY keyboard mouse combo uses 2.4GHz RF wireless so you get a longer signal range (15 meters) and stronger signal than regular Bluetooth, which means you don't have to sit right in the line of sight of the device you are controlling for the mini keyboard to function properly.
The H9 mini RF wireless keyboard is a 92-key QWERTY keyboard with a good layout, key spacing and decent key action with soft rubber keys.
Volume buttons, Home button and Keyboard button
You get a longer Shift key, Delete key and Enter key, as well as integrated arrow keys, function keys, bumper buttons (left mouse/right mouse), volume buttons, Home button and Keyboard button.
Automatic sleep and wake-up function
When combined with other keys, the Function Key (FN) allows you to perform certain functions such as pairing (FN+RF), turn on/off the touchpad (FN+SPACE key), adjust the cursor speed (FN+ALT key) and turn on/off the backlight (FN+QUOTE key).
The 300mAh BL-5B battery you get is a mobile phone type battery, which is recharged via micro USB cable. The battery is lithium-ion so it's strong and lasts a long time.
The power switch is located on the back of the H9 mini keyboard.

The H9 mini RF wireless QWERTY keyboard mouse combo is pretty easy to use and install. Simply insert the 2.4GHz USB dongle into your mini PC or Android TV box and the software will automatically install itself, even on a Windows 7 computer.
The H9 touch pad works seamlessly like a regular trackpad on a laptop. Left-click and right-click functions are carried out with one finger and two fingers respectively. Simply position the pointer, like you would with a regular mouse, and tap. The tapping action of your fingers act like a click on a mouse.
To scroll down or scroll up, simply use two fingers on either side of the center line of the trackpad and scroll down or up. As you can see in the picture above, the trackpad diagrams illustrate the tracking process.
USB charging cable included
micro USB port

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  1. Won't pair with my Android Box. Did the FN+RF button press still didn't work. Please help. Thanks.

  2. Where is the smart tv on off button ?

  3. Where is the pause button on the h9 mini keyboard

  4. Where is the pause button on the h9 keyboard

  5. Where is the pause button on the h9 mini keyboard


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