Aukey 360-degree Wireless Indoor HD Camera

Thursday, March 30, 2017

For round-the-clock indoor surveillance, an IP camera makes a lot of sense for monitoring almost anything while you're not around.
You can really get a lot of use out of an Internet protocol (IP) camera so it's handy to have one laying around.
This IP camera by Aukey ticks most things you could ever want from an indoor security camera and that includes 2-way audio, 360 degree rotating head, motion detection, Full HD resolution, pan, tilt and zoom to focus, as well as mobile app control.
With Aukey's 360-degree Wireless Indoor HD Camera, you can connect via your home's wireless network or via Ethernet cable.
Inside the box you get the following:

Wall mount & charging USB cable
Wall USB charger
Ethernet cable & wall mount hardware (including reset tool)
The bottom of Aukey's wireless camera has a quarter-inch thread to attach it to the included mount. Model shown is the Aukey VT-CM1, which is powered by 5V 2A.
When powering on the IP camera, remember to use the included USB charger as it delivers 2 Amps which the IP camera needs to properly function.
built-in mic
To start using Aukey's IP camera, download the MIPC app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Download the app and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Then, sign up for an account.
Now, click on the + sign on the top left corner to add your camera. You will be presented with the QR code scanner.
You can use the QR code embedded in the user manual, or you can manually enter the ID of the IP cam, located on the bottom of the camera.
After adding the camera, you will be presented with another prompt for how to connect to the camera. You can choose WiFi or Ethernet.
Ethernet connection: plug the included Ethernet cable on the back of the IP cam and the other end on the back of your router.
WiFi connection: use the reset tool included and press the reset button for one second. This activates the voice prompt that will initiate the WiFi pairing between your phone and the IP camera. At this point, your phone will produce a super loud audio signal to achieve the pairing connection.
Once connected, you will receive a message saying "Configuration Success". The next screen will ask you to change the password.
The following screens will show configuration has been a success. You can also change the Time Zone.
You are now set and the camera is feeding a live feed to your smartphone. You may be prompted with a message asking you to update the camera, so you can click upgrade. You can also control the volume of the speakers and mic, as well as change the power frequency.
You get plenty of other camera settings that allow you to change passwords, date/time, restart device, restore to factory settings and upgrade the system, as well as schedule a time when you want to the camera to record.

You can also adjust the color, brightness, saturation and sharpness of the camera, as well as choose from Day or Night mode, or Auto. 
night mode
You can change the screen resolution of Aukey's IP camera from 1080p to Standard and Smooth.
The Aukey IP Cam features 2-way audio, which means as well as being able to hear, you can speak via the built-in microphone. To do this, simply turn on the mic by clicking on the microphone icon from the top left corner of the screen (second symbol from the left), and tap and hold with your finger "Press to Speak" on the screen.
To download video recordings, go to Device List, click on the "three horizontal bars" on the top right corner and select "My Folder" from the menu. From My Folder, you will be able to view all the videos that you record as well as delete them.
To delete a video, click on "Edit" from the top right corner of the screen, then tick each video that you want deleted and click Delete.
To download a video, select a video and click the save button, located on the top right corner of the image below. You will receive a prompt that will tell you how to save the video, which you do by visiting the url and download the video through your computer's browser.

Another plus feature you get with the Aukey IP camera is being able to access the camera via your computer. Visit and enter your login details and "Woala", you can view the Aukey IP camera remotely from any computer with Internet access.

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