Finis Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player Without Earbuds!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

When swiming for leisure, an mp3 player is a welcome companion, especially while doing long 2-hour swims!
With that said, if you are having problems getting a waterproof seal with regular waterproof in-ear headphones or earbuds, it may be time to try out a different swimming mp3 player design such as the DUO underwater bone conduction mp3 player by Finis!
speakers are sealed off behind protective covers
The DUO mp3 player is worn by sliding the swimming goggle straps into the brackets of each piece and placing the speaker parts on the cheekbones or towards the base of your head (behind your ears), below the goggle strap.
Using the DUO bone conduction mp3 player is very easy. Turn it on by pressing and holding the middle button, which is the power and play/pause button, until a green solid light appears. Then, press the middle button again to play a song and press it again to pause a song.
The green solid light will start blinking when the mp3 is playing a song. Track control and volume control are operated by the same buttons that also control the volume (triangle buttons with + and - symbols).
To advance to the next song, press the - triangle button. To replay the current song, press the + triangle button, which is to the left of the middle button.
blinking red light means low battery: Up to 7 hours of battery life
To skip back a song, double press the + triangle button and to increase volume press and hold the same button. To decrease volume, press and hold the - triangle button.
user manual included
As far as sound quality, the volume sound of the Finis DUO can go very loud and the sound response is very clear when submerged in the water, even when swimming breaststroke where you swim in and out of the water thanks to bone conduction audio technology, which literary means transmitting sound via the bones of the skull!
connecting points
magnet maintains the contacts with the gold-plated connection pins
To upload music onto the Finis DUO mp3 player and recharge the battery, you use the magnetic USB charging dock. Connect the USB side to a PC or laptop and wait for the DUO driver to automatically install in your computer. Once installed, the autoplay prompt will automatically show on your screen.
Click "open folder to view files" and from here you will be able to drag and drop non-protected mp3, WMA, AAC and purchased AAC files that are converted into mp3 files. You get around 4GB of storage space to store music tracks.
As far as maintenance of the DUO mp3 player, you want to rinse off the DUO with fresh water after each use. Also, the DUO is IPX8 waterproof  to 3 meters and 30 minutes, which means the DUO will maintain its waterproof integrity for 30 min at 3 meters.

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