Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Conditioner!

Friday, March 17, 2017

When is hot and dry, sitting inside a small room can feel like a nightmare especially when staying at a college dorm room (a.k.a hall of residence) !
If you happen to live in small apartment or college dorm room that gets always hot and dry, the Evapolar is a nifty solution for cooling down a small room and moistening dry air!

Evapolar really stands out as a very interesting bit of tech that doubles up as a traditional air fan or as a smart AC unit using water to cool the air around wherever you place it. When using water, Evapolar works somewhat to a personal swamp cooler.
rubber feet on the bottom
The Evapolar smart cooling fan has a range of around 20 feet so if you place the Evapolar on your work desk, it will cool the air around you by taking air from the room and adding water to it.
micro USB port on the back
Evapolar works by sucking in air from the back of the unit, cooling it and blowing it out of the front of the unit. The air is cooled slowly at around one-degree rate every five minutes.
By default, the LCD screen displays the temperature of the room, the temperature of the air being pushed out and the speed of the blowing fan.

You can visually adjust settings via onscreen menus that allow you to change the temperature metric unit (centigrade to fahrenheit and vice versa), turn off the Evapolar lighting completely, change LED lighting color pattern and adjust LED brightness.

Evapolar is shaped like a cube, giving the unit a compact footprint that is perfect for a desk area or coffee table. Evapolar measures around 17 cm tall, long and wide. The unit weighs just under 1. KG with water and just over 1 KG without water.
USB wall charger and USB cable included
The Evapolar filter cartridge is made of a material that does not allow the formation of biofilm(bacteria) and prevents dust from entering the airflow. It only needs to changed periodically, and the spare evaporative cartridge is available from Evapolar should you require one.
It takes around 5 hours for a water refill cycle
Other Evapolar specifications include cooling power, which is between 100 watts and 350 watts (350–1200 BTU/hr). The Cooling square range is 3 m2 / 30–45 ft2, while the noise level is between 28 dB and 40 dB at maximum power.
Evapolar is also easy to use. Plug it into a power source, wait for the unit to automatically turn on, and adjust settings via the dial. Simple as that!
A trick that I found that makes Evapolar work even better is adding ice cold water as adding cold water to the tank helps keep the room cooler for longer. Adding ice cold water to the Evapolar tank also has another benefit and that is not having to fill up the entire water tank as cold water goes a longer way.

clear, easy to understand instructions
In all, Evapolar is a nifty solution for cooling your personal space in an efficient way. Evapolar is USB powered, outputting 5V/2A  and using only 10 watts of energy consumption, which means you can power it via your computer's USB port or hook it up to a USB powerbank

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