Nulaxy USB to Lightning Flash Drive Doubles Your iPhone 7 Storage!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Nulaxy USB Flash Drive is a nice, simple way to give your iOS devices breathing room when it comes to storage. This is especially true if you own a 32GB iPhone 7 !
If you own the 32GB iPhone 7, or any iPhone 7 version for that matter, the Nulaxy USB Flash Drive will allow you to double the storage for a fraction of the price Apple would charge you for the next level iPhone.
If you are familiar with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, you will know there is no 64GB iPhone version for either device. Your only choices are 32GB, 128GB and 256GB, which is odd since there was a 64GB version for the iPhone 6s!
With that said, if you are looking to get the entry level 32GB iPhone 7 you can easily and cheaply increase it to 64GB with the Nulaxy 32GB USB to Lightning flash drive.
The Nulaxy USB to Lightning Flash Drive works very much like a USB 3.0 flash drive but with a Lightning connector on the other side, which can directly plug into an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
This is great because it means you can use your computer to store files into the drive and then view them on the go by plugging the drive into your iOS device.
Using the Nulaxy USB to Lightning Flash Drive is very easy. Plug it into your iOS device and download the AGP File app to gain access to files on the Nulaxy USB flash drive. The app supports pretty much everything (excel, PDF, word, images, music, movies) but no DRM (Digital Rights Management) content.This means you won't be able to transfer media files downloaded from iTunes or other 3rd party apps. You can only download media files to your PC, copy these downloaded files to the flash drive, connect the flash drive to your iPhone, then you'll be able to find these files in your iPhone through the APP
you'll be prompted with above message. Click "app store"

iOS 7.1 or higher
Another thing worth pointing out about the Nulaxy USb flash drive is that the Lightning connector extends out quite bit. This is great as it means, even with a protective case on you'll be able to hook the drive into your iOS device without having to remove the case. Another plus for he Nulaxy flash drive is that because files aren't stored on a cloud it means it doesn't take a long time to download files back to the iPhone/iPad, which is very convenient!

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