AXIL XP Series Earplugs: Defender & Reactor Noise cancelling earplugs

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Currently on Kickstarter, I was fortunate to receive prototypes for the AXIL XP Series earplugs, the XP Defender earplugs and the XP Reactor earplugs.

Both the XP Defender and XP Reactor are non-digital, silicone noise cancelling earplugs that give you control over your hearing by helping you block out harmful noises while still giving you the ability to hear what is going on around you.
Both the XP Defender and XP Reactor earplugs feature interchangeable dynamic sound filters (made of discs and mesh) designed in such way to block loud frequencies by having these loud frequencies travel through the dynamic sound filters to dissipate them.
The XP Reactor earplugs feature fixed but changeable dynamic sound filters, while the XP Defender earplugs feature dynamic sound filters inside a valve switch that you can open and close with the push of a button, letting you instantly switch between hearing and protecting.
The passive attenuation of the XP Defender earplugs is around NRR 18 dB, while the XP Reactor's passive attenuation is around NRR 8 dB. Both the XP Defender and XP Reactor earplugs have an impulse reduction of around 33 dB.
What's neat about the AXIL XP Series earplugs is that you can customize by swapping out these dynamic sound filters with specific ones according to the environment you are in. This is great when riding a bike, at a shooting range, playing drums or working at a factory.

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