Askborg ChargeCube 20800mAh Digital Display Powerbank

Monday, April 24, 2017

If you want to know when the powerbank has literary reached 100% charge, you need a powerbank with a digital display indicator such as the ChargeCube M021 by Askborg!
With traditional LED indicators, you can never tell for sure whether the powerbank is at 90% charge or 99% charge, but with the Askborg ChargeCube 20800mAh digital display powerbank you can!
The Askborg ChargeCube has the ability to show the current battery charge (in percentage) in large font on a digital display.
The ChargeCube 20800mAh powerbank has a smooth exterior finish to it with oval-shaped edges and flat top and bottom, giving the powerbank a cylindrical-like look.
When charging the battery, the display shows "IN", letting you know the battery pack is charging up. Full charge to 100% takes around 8 hours.
The Askborg ChargeCube 20800mAh Powerbank measures 16.5cm long, 2cm wide and 8cm thick. It weighs just under 500 grams. 
input charge is 2 amps at 4.8 volts
output (2.1 amps), micro USB input and SpeedID output
The SpeedID feature on the output port of the Askborg ChargeCube means the unit automatically detects the device that is connected to and outputs the correct charge amount. The SpeedID default output charge is 2.1 amps.
The SpeedID smart feature is handy if you own devices with different charger amperage such as the iPhone 6/6S or Ipad, which charge via 1 amp and 2.4amps respectively.
As well as the ChargeCube 20800mAh, you can get the ChargeCube 5200mAhChargeCube 10400mAh. You can get a 20% discount on all these by entering promo code "GDGTEXPL".

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