Intempo Hubbub Versatile Headphones With Great Sound!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

You don’t have to fork out an arm and leg to get great sound from a pair of headphones! Take for instance, the Hubbub Headphones by Intempo!
The Intempo Hubbub headphones are a great all rounder pair of headphones that you can use for a variety of tasks. 
Because of the flat frequency response you can use the Hubbub headphones to listen to all genres of music from Hip Hop to Rock!
Right off the box, the Intempo Hubbub headphones look stylish with their glossy housing earcups mounted on aluminum brushed metal levers.
Aside from looking nice, the aluminum brushed metal levers serve the purpose for adjusting the Hubbub earcups up and down to fit small to large heads.
The Hubbub headband is padded and has a slimline design that virtually adds no weight on your head so you hardly even notice the headband on top of your head.
Best of all, you can wear the Hubbub headphones with any type of glasses because of the wide earcup/headband design.
The Hubbub headphone cable is a 1.2 meter-long flat anti tangle cable that prevents the annoying times when the headphone cord magically twists and tangles all by itself.
As mentioned earlier, the Intempo Hubbub headphones have a flat frequency response which means you are looking at a frequency response between 20Hz and 20,000Hz that gives you clear sound with nicely balanced bass.
on-ear design
The Hubbub headphones are a great all rounder for family home use as it fits nicely all sizes of heads, even tiny ones, and feature large 40mm drivers that really open up the music.

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