Speedlink AXON Silent Click Wired Mouse

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Does the clicking of a computer mouse drive you insane? If so, there such a thing as a silent mouse with silent buttons that make a silent "click" instead of a loud clicky noise regular computer mice do.
Even if the sound of a mouse clicking doesn't bother you, having a silent mouse around can come handy, especially if you want to quietly surf the Internet without disturbing anyone.
The AXON silent mouse by Speedlink silences the clicking noise, leaving you with quite tactile feedback when you bottom-up the buttons on the mouse.
With the AXON silent mouse, you get a total of five buttons (two thumb buttons), rubberized side grips and comfortable design that supports the entire palm and ball of the thumb.
As far as functionality, the AXON silent click mouse features a 2400 optical sensor native dpi that can be adjusted down to 1600 dpi, 1200 dpi and 800 dpi.
plug and play: fast, driverless installation
Aside from being quite, the AXON silent mouse has an antibacterial coating that stops germs from growing on the mouse, effectively killing 99% of bacteria.
cable length: 1.5m

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