Pico C Helps To Successfully Brew Fresh Beer At Home!

Monday, May 08, 2017

If you like home brewing or would like to get into brew-making in the traditional way, but without the mess, check out Pico C home brewing machine by PicoBrew, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter!
Consisting of a brewing machine, fresh grains and fermentation keg, Pico C turns your home into a small craft brewery capable of brewing traditional beer and fermented tea such as Kombucha. Using Pico C is pretty easy as it works similarly to a coffee machine but instead of fresh coffee you add fresh grains. In fact, Pico C is about the size of a regular coffee machine so its pretty compact.
As mentioned earlier, Pico C is very easy to use. You add water into the Pico C machine, insert the pre-packed container (called PicoPaks), personalize your beer and let it brew. Its that simple, plus you can monitor the brewing via an smartphone app!
After brewing is done (around 2 hours), you let it cool down for 8 hours and then transfer the brew into the included 5L keg where you add the yeast for fermentation and carbonation. The leftover of brew can then be used as compost to fertilize soil, which is great. Below are the specs:

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