BUTTON POUCH With NFC Buttons To Control Smartphone Underwater!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The app technology has put the finishing touch to the smartphone, making it one of the most complete and useful gadgets out there!
The smartphone is truly a master of all trades. coming really into its own when utilized as a video camera device. The quality of a smartphone camera is more and more rivaling specialized camera equipment, making the smartphone the perfect camera solution to take with you on a holiday vacation, even on a snorkeling trip!
If you are someone planning a snorkeling or diving trip but don't fancy buying a waterproof compact camera, check out Button Pouch!
Button Pouch is a smart waterproof pouch which uses the NFC feature of your phone to control your phone wirelessly whilst underwater. The waterproof plastic pouch comes with clips, an app (camera blue) and two smart buttons on the back of it.

The Button Pouch clips seal dry your phone inside the pouch, while the Camera Blue app and smart buttons allow you to control your smartphone while inside the pouch. The right button switches modes from selfie, camera or emergency alert; while the left button (action button) executes the action.
You can take Button Pouch up to depths of 50 meters (IPX8 rated) for about an hour, while the Camera Blue app and smart buttons allow you to take underwater snapshots and selfie-videos, and even send out an audible emergency alert from your smartphone.

In total, you can perform five functions with the Button Pouch's smart buttons. These include camera mode, video mode, selfie mode, selfie video, panic alert. There is also a built-in compass in the Camera Blue app.
Button Pouch can fit a smartphone up to 6.2-inches
The best bit about using a solution like Button Pouch is being able to edit images on the go and then publish them on Instagram, Youtube, etc; all without leaving the ocean! The Camera Blue app is available on Android for free download.

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