Etymotic ER 20 XS Helmet/Concert Noise Reduction Earplugs!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

As the saying goes "when it's gone it's gone".Hearing is something you definitely do not want to take for granted!
If you're a musician or someone who exposes their hearing to frequent loud noises you want to consider getting yourself a pair of ear plugs like the ER 20 XS by Etymotic or the MK Isolator earphones.
The Etymotic ER 20 XS earplugs are the perfect solution for those who don't fancy buying expensive in ear monitors or custom-made ear protection.
What's great about the ER 20 XS noise reduction earplugs is that they cut down noise decibels levels (13dB reduction rated) while simultaneously allowing audible sounds like speech sounds. This makes the Etymotic ER 20 XS a neat ear plug solution for concert noise reduction where you want to safely enjoy the entire sound spectrum without compromising your hearing.
clear end cap
 The Etymotic ER 20 XS do a good job at softening (attenuating) high and low end frequency sounds by lowering the overall volume. Because of the audio attenuation factor, the ER 20 XS are also perfect for motorcycle riders who want to help reduce the wind swoosh or whoosh noise that happens inside the motorcycle helmet
Other uses these earplugs come handy for include airplane situations where you happen to live near an airport or your house happens to be under the flight path of planes. Also, if you are a frequent airplane flyer, these plugs will also help you in reducing ambient airplane noise.
The fabric lanyard necklace that comes with the Etymotic ER 20 ear plugs is a neat touch as it means you can place them around your neck when you're not using them.
The instructions included show you clearly how the necklace is fitted to the earplugs by simply sliding the loops over the earplugs and position the loops against the base of the earplug.
As you can see from the images, the Etymotic ER 20 XS are low profile. They also feature a pull tab to help you remove them.

With ear plugs, ear tip comfort is important so it's nice that the Etymotic ER 20 ear tips are interchangeable and reusable.
pinch rubber case included
It's nice also that Etymotic includes a few other ear plug accessories like a neck cord and a key ring ball chain. The ear tips provided are flexible and soft and include a set of silicone triple flange ear tips (large and standard) and a set of pliable foam tips.

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