SPEEDLINK Fieris Red Glowing LED Mousepad!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Accuracy is everything when playing fast-pace fps or mmo games like Counter-Strike or Quake because you will have low sensitivity in-game and you will move your mouse around alot!
The point of a mousepad is to give you a surface on which you can have full control over your mouse movement. A gaming mousepad doesn't just give you a flat surface but also a softer surface that reduces pressure points, making moving the mouse around more comfortable.
micro USB port
Take for instance, the Fieris illuminated mousepad by SpeedLink. The Fieris gaming mousepad is made of a black fabric material that is perfect for the light of an optical or laser mouse to reflect on.
non-slip base
The Fieris glowing LED mousepad has a decent size. It measures 25.5cm long by 35.5 wide  by 0.5cm thick. Because of its sizable dimensions and soft feel, you can rest your wrist on the Fieris mousepad, instead of the hard desk.
smooth gliding surface
The Fieris LED mousepad helps with control and adds a predictable amount of friction that makes your gaming mouse be more precise so you can stop the mouse quicker.
As far as the illumination, the red glow adds a nice touch to the gaming experience plus it matches perfectly with the Ultor mechanical keyboard and Torid game controller.
The Fieris mousepad has a lightpipe surrounding the mousepad with red LEDS powered via USB. Simply plug the Fieris mousepad into the USB port of your desktop PC and you good to go.

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