FresheTech Splash Tunes Pro Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Who doesn't like listening to music in the shower, right? But, what if you have one of those shower cubicles in your bathroom? If that's the case, a shower speaker such as the Splash Tunes Pro by FresheTech is right what you need!
The Splash Tunes Pro is a nifty shower speaker that connects to you phone via Bluetooth to play music and has a unified volume control, which means you control your phone's volume and the speaker's volume at the same time.
With that said, the Splash Tunes Pro supports Bluetooth 4.0 so if your device supports Media Volume Sync you can separate the phone volume and the Bluetooth device volume for a more granular control.
speaker vents on the back where suction cup sits
The Splash Tunes Pro Bluetooth 4.0 shower speaker has an IPX7 rating, which means it is splash proof but not submersible so you cannot dip the speaker into water. The micro USB port has a thick rubber cover to seal the micro USB port completely dry.
The Splash Tunes Pro Bluetooth shower speaker has a power button to turn the unit on (hold button down for 4 seconds). To power off the unit, it is done by holding down the Play/Pause button, which is the center button with the astronaut symbol.
The other buttons located on the front of the Splash Tunes Pro are the skip track buttons and the volume buttons. Both the track and volume controls are dedicated buttons, making life easier when changing the volume and switching tracks.
There are also an LED indicator on the front of the unit to indicate Bluetooth pairing and to indicate when the unit is charging. The Bluetooth pairing indicator LED is integrated in the power button and flashes blue and red when activated.
After successful pairing connection, the Bluetooth LED indicator turns solid blue. Also, once you successfully pair your device with the Splash Tunes Pro speaker you won't have to pair it again. The speaker will automatically connect to the device, which is great.
The large suction cup on the Splash Tunes Pro keeps the speaker secured on tile or glass so you can stick it on a shower wall or glass door. The suction cup can be removed too, which is neat.
The Splash Tunes Pro can function as a speakerphone for hands-free calling via your phone when the speaker is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. To answer a call and end a call, short press the Play/Pause button.
To mute the microphone on the Splash Tunes Pro Bluetooth shower speaker you can turn the volume all the way down on the speaker or you can mute the microphone from the handset.
When charging the rechargeable 1200 MaH battery, the LED illuminates to let you know the unit is charging. From flat, the battery takes around 90 minutes to fully charge via 5V/500mA DC input. Battery power holds very well. In fact, on moderate volume the battery can last over 11 hours of continuous use.
As far as sound, the Splash Tunes Pro has a loud volume and delivers clear highs with deep lows. The fact that the sound does not get muffled inside the shower and that you get separate controls for skipping tracks and changing the volume, makes the Splash Tunes Pro the perfect all-in-one shower speaker!

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