Etymotic mk5 Isolator High Isolation Earphones

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

If your goal is to be able to listen to music in a noisy environment, the mk5 Isolator earphones by Etymotic will help you block out noise, plus they fit in your ears nice and comfortably!
The mk5 Isolator are high isolation earphones for audio listening that deliver in all frequency bands thanks to the even frequency response (20Hz-15,000Hz) that allows for a nice amount of low frequency bass.
When properly sealed in the ear canal, the MK5 Isolator earphones can reduce background noise by at least 35dB with the triple flange ear tips (42dB when using the foam ear tips).
Because of the high noise isolation feature, the MK5 Isolator earphones are perfect to use as in-ear monitors when playing the drums or other percussion instrument.
weigh 28 grams (1 oz)
As mentioned earlier, the MK5 earphones are for audio listening exclusively so they do not have an inline microphone or button controls.
earphone housing feels solid
The MK5 utilizes an internal filter system that is not visible from the outside of the unit that keeps wax or oils from getting into the receiver housing. With that said, Etymotic has user-replaceable gray filters that you can use with the MK5 Isolator earphones for additional protection.

cable slider is integrated with the cable
Along with the MK5 Isolator earphones, you get a user manual, a handy zipper pouch with inner mesh, a shirt clip, and a 4-foot long Kevlar reinforced cable that ends in 45-degree angled 3.5 mm jack.
You also get a selection of Accu-fit ear tips that includes two sets of different size triple-flange ear tips, as well as a set of standard foam eartips.
As far as specs, the mk5 Isolator earphones feature 6mm neodymium moving coil drivers with 32 ohms impedance, which means the mk5 Isolator earphones require little power to drive; hence you can hook the mk5 Isolator earphones to phone or mp3 player to listen to music.
The mk5 Isolator earphones maximum output is 120 dB so the earphones drive volume up pretty loud but without distorting the sound.
zipper pouch

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