Geizeer Air Cooling Wooden Box Doubles As Air Freshener Diffuser

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This little wooden box by Geizeer is a stylish and scented air cooling unit that you can use on a desktop or room to cool the air around you while making the air smell really nice! 
The Geizeer air cooling box consists two wooden halves, a reusable ice pack, lavender scent, a fan and a built-in USB rechargeable battery that powers the fan, sucking in room temperature air from the top of the unit past the ice pack instantly cooling the air and sending it through the side gaps (vents)
micro USB port and tab to pull the ice pack out of the box
Being a thermal insulator, the wooden construction of the unit is able to maintain the frozen ice pack for over three hours before having to be put back in the freezer.
you can buy additional ice packs
The ice pack takes around 10 hours to freeze in the freezer. Then, it's just a matter of putting the ice pack inside the base of the wooden halve and place the other half of the wooden structure on top. That's it. 
rubber feet on the base
metal contacts that power on the unit
1000 rpm, 1500 rpm, 1800 rpm speeds
The speed of the Geizeer air cooling fan can be adjusted via a switch integrated in the fan from 1000 RPM, 1500 RPM and 1800 RPM. 1000 RPM is the lowest speed fan setting, while 1800 RPM is the fastest speed fan setting.
whisper quiet fan even at 1800 rpm
The Geizeer wooden box has a square design with rounded edges, measuring 5.5 inches long, 5.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall.
Instead of buttons, the Geizeer has a nifty way to power on and power off. When the two halves of the wooden box with the two dots line up, the unit powers on. When the dots are not aligned, the unit is off.
So when you want to use the Geizeer, simply place the top halve on top of the other halve and face the halves so they line up with the two black dots.
The Geizeer air cooling wooden box comes with scented lavender bits that you place on top of the ice pack, turning the air cooling box into an air freshener diffuser.
12 volt fan with 0.20 amp rating
user manual included

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