Arctic Summair Light Noiseless Laptop Computer USB Fan

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

To stop you nodding off in the heat while at work, a personal USB fan that you can put on your desk and power via your computer is the way to go!
This noiseless Summair Light USB fan by Arctic is discreet, silent and has a flexible goose neck that allows you to tilt the positioning of the fan so you can aim the airflow where you need it.
5 volts/ 0.26 amps rating perfect for desktop/laptop use
The size of the Arctic Summair Light USB fan is 92mm so it's compact, while the entire unit measures 11 cm wide, 11.5 cm tall and 3.6 cm thick.
 The speed of the fan can be adjusted from 900 rpm to 2100 RPM via an integrated wheel switch that allows you to switch ON/OFF the fan as well as increase or decrease the speed of the fan.
wheel power switch
The flexible neck measures 3.5 inches long and features a standard USB connection that allows you to plug in the fan to a laptop, desktop PC or power bank.
Summair Light fan hooked to Xtorm 20,000 mAh power bank
standard USB connection
pouch bag
weighs 95 grams
Arctic Summair Light specifications
2 year limited warranty

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