Bestek MRJ8102 Vertical AC Power Block with 6 USB ports on/off Switches

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The alternative to old-fashioned horizontal power strips to get all your cables neat and tidy is a vertical power socket like the Bestek power strip 8-outlet!
This vertical power strip by Bestek is the model MRJ8102, which comes with on/off isolation switches, multiple sockets and USB ports!
The Bestek vertical power socket has the design of a solid tower block so it has a space-saving compact form. In fact, the power block only measures 6 inches tall and 7 inches wide.
on/off switch buttons
What's neat about the Bestek power strip block is that is so compact that fits nicely on a desktop or cabinet, and because you get 8 AC outlets you won't have to keep changing plugs.
reset button and activity LED indicators on each USB port
The Bestek compact power socket tower is rated at 3600 watts (and 40-watt DC power) which means you can plug up to eight 450-watt AC devices at the same time. There is also a circuit breaker on the power block which trips everytime you overload it. The red reset button helps you set the circuit breaker again.
13 AMP power cord is 1.8 meters long
You also get six fast charging smart USB ports that automatically detect the best charging current for your devices. Each USB port can charge at a maximum of 2.4 amps (total of 8 amps) each so the USB ports remove the need for USB plug adapters.
rubber feet on the bottom
There is no possibility of overcharging and overheating devices thanks to the built-in safety features like short circuit protection, surge protection, overload protection and over current protection to stop any damage from the Bestek power strip block to your equipment.
user manual included
As mentioned earlier, you also get on/off switch buttons on the top and bottom row sockets of the Bestek power block to control the top or bottom row sockets independently. This feature is pretty neat as it means you can use one row of sockets for devices that you want plugged in all the time (i.e. broadband, computer, etc) and the other row of sockets for devices like a table lamp or fish tank that you turn off at night.
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