ALLDOCK 6 Port 14.4A USB Charging Station Dock!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

It can get messy having charging cables laying around and never finding your charger adaptors when you need them the most!
This is why a dock/USB hub charging solution like the AllDock large charging station comes handy to put an end to endless cable wire mess by having one single place where you can store and charge your gadgets!
The AllDock charging station has six USB ports delivering a total of 14.4 amps. Each USB port can deliver up to 2.4 amps of charging power so regardless of which USB port you hook up your device to the device will get sufficient power to charge the battery of the device. Plus, you can charge up to six devices at once from one wall socket, which is very convenient.
Each USB port output has built-in a smart IC (integrated circuit) that automatically recognizes how many charging amps your device needs. This is great if you own multiple mobile devices with different charging power.
The automatic charging will deliver the charge required to each device but you will want to use the original charging cable that comes with your device so that the device gets the maximum possible charging.
Design wise, the AllDock 6 port USB charging station is made of plastic though you can also get the Alldock charging station in bamboo finish. The charging station has a box design with a matt black finish on the outer shell of the unit that gives it a stylish look. Tucked away inside of the unit is the 6 port USB hub, which is accessed by sliding up the top rack.
Length: 31.5cm x Width: 17.2cm x Height: 6.3cm 
The top rack of the AllDock charging unit has 5 horizontal slots and 15 hole openings to route the charging cable to your desire location on the rack. You can fit smartphones and tablets vertically or horizontally even with cases on as along as they're less than 13.5 mm thick which is the thickness of each horizontal slot of the rack.
rubber feet on bottom
 The power cable is a 3 pin UK plug with a Figure-8 socket
user manual included
cable tie included

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