FRESHeTECH June & May Retro On Ear Headphones

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

FRESHeTECH's June & May on ear headphones hit you right in the feels with their nostalgic retro look, reminiscent of the old school Sony Walkman headphones!
Instead of orange foam cups and thin metal headband, the June & May headphones feature rubberized rounded headband and orange fabric ear padding embedded in blue ear cups made of solid plastic.
The on-ear cups have a cute form factor and house Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology as well as on-board user control buttons and built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
single press the play/pause button twice to power off
User control buttons include play/pause, as well as volume up and volume down, which double as skip song buttons. Hold down the volume buttons to adjust the volume and single press the volume buttons to skip a song forward or backward.
The play/pause button double as the power button, pair button and answer call button. Holding down the play/pause button for 3-4 seconds powers the headphones and enters pairing mode automatically (the small LED flashed blue and red rapidly). For hands-free functionality, you single press the play/pause button during an incoming call.
built-in mic pin hole
3.5 mm jack
The sound quality of the June and May headphones is very good with awesome volume that can be turned up really loud.

micro USB port with rubber cover
As far as battery life, you get around 5 hours of battery life per full charge which takes around 1 hour via a 1 amp/ 5V wall charger (1 amp maximum input). During charging, the LED shows solid red and then turns off when full charge is complete.
adjustable and flexible rubber headband with metal inner frame
swivel ear cups
comfortable ear padding
micro USB cable and 3.5 mm male cable included
inside the box

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