TREBLAB J1 Durable Wireless Earbuds IPX6 Sweat Proof!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

These days one doesn't need to break the bank to find some quality Bluetooth earbuds! If you are looking for a pair of durable wireless earbuds that are not too bass heavy, look no further than the J1 wireless earbuds by Treblab.
The Treblab J1s are made with quality materials, they're comfortable and most importantly, they sound great. The volume goes louder than you would need it too and the sound quality is clear with crisp vocals and balanced bass.
Treblab's J1 earbuds feel like they can take a beating so you won't have to worry about them breaking on you anytime soon. The earbuds themselves are magnetic with the housing made of solid plastic with aluminum and rubber accents on the sides.
The nozzle tips are straight and are also made of high quality plastic and feature an integrated aluminum filter mesh to keep ear canal dirt from entering the housing.
The J1 earbuds flat cable is about 2.5 feet long and features a remote control box with built-in microphone, 100mAh battery and micro USB port. The remote control user controls include three multi-functional buttons.
The play/pause button doubles as the power on and power off button, as well as the answer/end call button. With the play/pause button, you can also reject a call and redial the last number. The volume buttons also control the skipping of songs. Long press to increase.decrease volume and short press to skip tracks.
When you use the J1 earbuds for the first time, you initially pair them to your phone and then, they will reconnect to your phone automatically. To enter pairing mode, long press the play/pause button for 4 seconds. To power on and off, you simply long press for 2 seconds.
Treblab J1s is equipped with CVC 6.0 noise and echo cancellation technology as well as APT-X codec that filters out background noise.
Treblab hardcase in black and red color scheme
Other features you get with the Treblab J1 earphones include Bluetooth version 4.1 + EDR (30 feet Bluetooth range), 9 hours battery life and 240 hours stand by time. 
Low battery power is determined via the built-in LED indicator, which will flash red intermittently during operation when battery power is low. Another way you can tell the J1 earbuds are running low on power is via a voice prompt. While charging, the LED will show solid red and then solid blue when full charge is complete, which is in 2 hours.
 the micro USB cable has a rating of 5V/300mA
1 year parts and labor warranty
After pairing the Treblab J1 wireless earbuds to one device, you can connect the J1 earbuds to a second device. To do this, you need to first turn off Bluetooth on the first device. There is also a reset feature to restore the J1s to factory settings (simply hold down the volume buttons for 5 seconds while powered on).
memory foam ear tips
silicone ear tips & cable organizer,
ear fins which help to keep the earbuds in the ears
Treblab J1 user manual, clear to understand 

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