SPEEDLINK FORTUS Palm Grip Gaming Mouse

Thursday, August 10, 2017

If lately your computer mouse has been acting up and only works when it wants to, it's time for a new computer mouse! This one by Speedlink is the Fortus gaming mouse which might be just what you're looking for gaming and/or photo editing.
The Fortus wireless computer mouse feels real nice in the palm of the hand and comes with multiple functional features like non-slip finish, finger rest, easy to access side buttons, rubberized scroll-wheel and the all important DPI switch
The DPI switch allows you to adjust on the fly the mouse sensor’s sensitivity to a faster or slower pointer speed (polling rate) for precise sniping in-game and for aligning objects precisely in Photoshop's pixel grid.
Weighs 125 g
The Fortus wireless mouse is perfect for gaming and image editing use and has a cool design with translucent side vents and logo on the back which illuminates.
Being able to adjust the DPI sensitivity from 600dpi to 2,400dpi means you can have the Fortus gaming mouse react to small movements. In first-person-shooter games, you can point at small targets more accurately when zooming in with a sniper rifle.

126 mm long × 79 mm wide × 41,5 mm tall
A DPI switch on a mouse is nothing new but what's nifty about the Fortus mouse DPI switch is that LEDs change to a different color as you go from high to low DPI (600dpi increments). Red LED indicates 2400dpi. Blue LED indicates 1800dpi. Purple LED indicates 1200dpi and Green LED indicates 600dpi.
The Speedlink Fortus is battery powered by two AAA batteries, which are included with the mouse. While you can't turn the mouse off, there is a built-in sleep feature that makes the Fortus mouse go into power-saving mode after being inactive for 10 minutes (clicking  any of the buttons wakes up the mouse again).
The 2.4GHz wireless dongle that comes with the Fortus computer mouse has a 6-meter range and can be packed away neatly inside the battery compartment.
USB dongle
 glowing LEDs can be turned off  via an on/off switch
batteries included (2 x AAA)
user manual
the force of fortus

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