Belkin MIXIT Metallic ColorMatch 4-in-1 Apple Charging Kit

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

You can use third party chargers and cables with your Apple devices just fine but ideally you want something that is MFi certified and that is going to last you longer than a few months!
Belkin's Apple certified charger kit is the perfect solution for an alternative Apple charger and Apple lightning cable. The kit comes with 12W power adapter chargers, which deliver more power than the 5 watt iPhone/iPod charger and 10 watt iPad charger!
The ColorMatch charging kit by Belkin is a quality 4-in-1 set of Belkin's MIXIT range products that include the MIXIT Metallic power pack 6600, the MIXIT Metallic car charger, the MIXIT Metallic Home charger and the MIXIT Metallic Lightning to USB cable.
Belkin car charger model F8M730
Belkin's USB car charger charges really fast thanks to the 2.4 amp output that translates to 12 watts which is almost three times the output of regular 5-watt car chargers. Belkin's USB car charger also features smart circuitry built-in so you don't have to worry about too much power going into your phone.
The MIXIT 6600 mAh power bank weighs only 240 grams and measures 10.1 cm long, 6.9 cm wide and 1.9 cm thick. The MIXIT power bank has a 2.4 Amp input rating and, just like the Belkin car charger, the MIXIT power bank can charge very fast. You can charge a dead battery phone to 35% power in just 12 minutes.
The total output of the MIXIT 6600 mAh power bank is 3.4 amps and you get dedicated USB ports for iPad (2.4A at 5V) and iPod/iPhone (1A at 5V). The micro USB charging input and battery life LED indicators are located next to the USB ports.
detachable UK 3 pin
Belkin's wall plug charger also outputs up to 2.4 amps which means you can charge an iPad 4th-generation tablet from 0 to 100% in just 6 hours. This is almost 5 hours faster than charging an iPad 4th-generation tablet with a 5-watt iPhone charger which delivers only 1 amp.
Belkin's lightning to USB cable is braided and has a gold matte metallic finish just like the home charger, car charger and power bank. Belkin's lightning cable is also compatible with Apple products so you won't have to worry about compatibility issues.
1.2 meters long Lightning Cable
Belkin micro USB to USB charging cable
front facing LED indicator on car charger

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