Progress 2-in-1 Rice Cooker 3 Tier Steamer with Collapsible Baskets

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

When cooking chances are you're cooking several things at the same time so why not make life easier using an electric food steamer?
7.5 litre capacity
This food steamer by Progress Cookshop is a multi-feature steamer that comes with a rice bowl so the Progress steamer doubles also as a rice cooker perfect for making light fluffy rice while steaming veggies and fish!
total height of 15 inches (18 inches with the top lid handles pulled up)
60-minute timer
The Progress three-tier steamer is fitted with an automatic switch-off to prevent the steamer heating element from boiling dry when there is not enough water in the reservoir. 
500ml water reservoir
The steamer water reservoir can hold up to 500ml of water which is enough water for steaming food for 60 minutes. Once the boil dry switch-off feature trips you need to unplug the steamer from the mains and allow it to cool down for at least 15 minutes to untrip it.
Setting up the Progress steaming tiers is super easy. Add boiling water into the steamer base reservoir and place chopped ingredients in each steaming basket.
Ideally, you want to place hardy ingredients like potatoes or carrots on the bottom steaming basket because the steam is hotter the closer to the steamer base.
user controls: timer control dial and power indicator light
Softer vegetables like peppers and mushrooms are okay in the middle steaming basket. The top steaming basket is great for fish and prawns but you may need to place these in the middle steaming basket when cooking rice. 
You will want to place the rice bowl on the top steaming basket if you don't want the juices from the other ingredients to seep into the rice bowl.
rice bowl and lid
Then, it's just a matter of placing the first steaming basket on top of the steamer base unit and the other two steaming baskets on top of each other via the included circular mounts.
venting holes at the bottom of each steaming basket
handles on steaming baskets
Building the steamer couldn't be easier and you don't have to use all three steaming baskets. You can use just one steaming basket with the lid on top and you're good to go.
Inside the box you get a 3-tier steamer base unit, 3 steam baskets with vents and handles, 2 mounts, a
rice bowl, a lid and a user manual with cooking guidelines.
boil dry switch-off
Progress products are available from Morrisons stores nationwide from Boxing Day

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