xFyro xS2 Truly Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Earbuds

Thursday, November 30, 2017

You know it's time for a pair of truly wireless earbuds when headphones cords start getting on your nerves! Plus, you won't have to worry about the headphone jack wearing out!
The xFyro xS2 earbuds have zero cords and come with a beautifully made charging dock/case with a USB out port that doubles as a mini 850 mAh power bank.
The xS2 charging case exterior is made of leather like material with gold accents around the edges where the earbuds get inserted.

LED indicator integrated in the multifunctional home button
The xS2 charging case charges both earbuds at the same time and acts as a carrying case. When placing the earbuds in the charging case,  you want to press the home button on each earpiece to turn them off as they will not turn off automatically.
Inside the xS2 charging case you will also see metal prongs which are designed to make contact with the earbuds.
The housing of the earbuds also integrate strong magnets which hold the earbuds in and prevent them from falling out. The magnets also help to pull the earbuds tight enough so the earbuds make proper connection with the prongs when charging.
The xS2 charging case itself fully charges in 60 minutes so when the charging case is charged, the blinking blue light becomes solid blue.
Battery life is between 2 hours (at 100% volume) and 5 hours (at 45% volume). The xS2 earbuds take 2.5 hours to fully charge and hold charge pretty well so they can be on a standby for a good five days.
 The xS2 come with two earbuds clearly labeled L & R and they work in stereo mode so you can hear sound from both earpieces simultaneously from the same device.
earbuds have built-in a 45mAh li-on battery each
The xFyro xS2 earbuds supports multi-point Bluetooth connection too, which means you can have each earbud connected to two separate devices at one time which is an extremely useful feature to have as you can use the xS2 earbuds as a rider to rider motorcycle communication device.
When motorcycling with a backseat rider, the passenger can pair one of the earpieces with their phone so you can talk to them. The earbuds also don't protrude too far out so you can still fit a helmet comfortably.
Being able to connect each earbud individually also means that you can use the earbuds separately to listen to music so when battery runs out on one earbud you can swap it with the other earpiece (effectively doubling the battery life).
While each individual earbud can only be connected to one device at a time and you cannot skip tracks nor control the volume or activate Siri, you can play/pause music as well as accept/reject calls (single press the home button during an incoming call) and redial the last number (double press the home button).
plastic nozzles with embedded filter mesh
As far as the voice calling feature, you can connect either the right or the left earbud individually so the voice calling feature can be heard on either earbud but only through the earbud that is connected as the primary earbud.
You can change the primary earbud by going to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and select "Forget" to unpair the current earbud. Then, pair the other earbud that you want to use as the primary earbud.
The xFyro xS2 earbuds are rated IP67 like the iPhone 7 so you can technically swim with the xFyro xS2 earbuds. The xFyro xS2 can be submerged under water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. The Bluetooth signal range without obstacles is 10 meters and around 7 meters without line of sight.
Unlike other true wireless earbuds, the xFyro xS2 earbuds have a more simplified pairing process which makes connecting the xS2 earbuds to a smartphone easier. All you do is turn Bluetooth on on your phone and power on both earpieces and wait to hear the "pairing" voice prompt and for the LEDs to flash red and blue.
When you see S2 listed twice under the Bluetooth device list of your phone, click on each one to complete the pairing process and that's it. Both earpieces will sync audio to one another automatically. The entire pairing process takes less than 30 seconds which is nice.
As far as fitment, the xS2 earbuds stay pretty well embedded in your ear canal and you get three different size of eartip choices to help fitment. The music sound quality is pretty good with adequate amount of bass, while the microphone sound quality is loud and clear. Check out the review of the xFyro ANC Pro earbuds.

the xS2 are dual voltage compatible so they work with global power outlets from 100V to 240V

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