Hardvark Hudson 17.5 micron 100% ZQ Merino wool T Shirt

Monday, December 18, 2017

Whether sweaters, long johns or merino wool shirts, you will be sold on Merino wool clothing the minute you wear it!
Merino wool fabric outperforms cotton and artificial fibres like polyester on a pound for pound basis so a 145 g merino tee like the Hardvark Hudson merino t shirt keeps you warmer than a 300 g cotton t shirt!
Hardvark's crew neck t shirt is 17.5 micron 100% ZQ Merino wool made in Portugal so you get a real wool tee that feels soft against the skin as a well-worn cotton t-shirt.
The Hudson merino tee weighs only 145 grams so it's thin, really comfortable to wear and unbelievably warm for being lightweight wool.
A nice thing about ZQ Merino fibre is that it's grown naturally on the back of Merino sheep so it's not artificial wool made in a lab.
The Hudson t shirt looks stylish with a pair of jeans and because it hasn't got big logos nor a backpacker style the t-shirt looks very understated and casual looking so it blends in well.
You won't stand out as a tourist wearing this merino wool t shirt plus it performs well during high output physical activity so the t shirt doesn't smell after a gym work out or after a long bike ride. No after-smell after a workout makes a merino wool t shirt a bit of a lifesaver especially when you don't have a fresh t shirt to change with.
crew neck double stitching 
If you are a biker, daily commuter or backpacker, you will love being able to wear this t shirt days on end as a base layer under a shirt when is cold or as a single layer when is warm.
In fact, if you are looking for a solution to washing clothes on long hikes or plan to trek somewhere cold, you should definitely consider 145 g merino wool for its minimal weight, warmth to weight ratio and natural anti-stink properties.
Not to mention the magic of wearing 100% real wool and that is being able to easily hand wash it, hang it out to dry fast at night and voila it's fresh again!
Best of all, merino wool washes easily and does not hold onto smells even after being washed, so every time you wash the t shirt it feels like putting on a brand new t shirt every time. This Hardvark crew neck t shirt also wicks well so it draws off moisture away from the skin preventing sweatiness.
145 weight 100% merino wool is great for hot weather

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