Lapacker Tigernu 18-Inch Laptop Backpack For University/ Workplace

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Lapacker 18-inch laptop backpack is a really smart, high quality backpack that can stand up to the punishment of daily commuting without standing out as a laptop backpack! The Lapacker backpack is perfect if you want to use the backpack for commuting to work, university or short trips.
The Lapacker laptop backpack measures 18.8 inches long, 6.7 inches thick and 13.3 inches wide, and weighs only 1.3 kg.
The laptop backpack has two main compartments both of which open up via reinforced double zippers. A padlock is also included with the bag which is nice.
laptop compartment closes via velcro strap
The laptop compartment, which measures 10.6 inches wide and 18 inches long, integrates blue shock absorbing material.
The laptop compartment is also protected by a removable padded foam layer with a velcro strap that can be adjusted down to securely strap a smaller laptop.
You can fit an 18-inch laptop comfortably. As there is a bit of room at the top to spare and the laptop compartment is adjustable, you can even fit a chunkier 40 mm thick laptop like the Acer 17.3" Predator laptop.
The second main compartment inside the Lapacker backpack is large enough for keeping two A4 ring binders, some books, headphones, pens, charging cables and personal bits and pieces like a brolly or a packed lunch.
There are also plenty of external compartments for personal assorted items like a phone, car keys, train pass, bottle water and house keys.
There are a total of 3 external compartments, one of which is discreetly hidden on the back of the backpack.
The other two external compartments are located on the front of the backpack and feature hidden zippers so the teeth of the zippers cannot be seen.
The side pockets which feature breathable mesh as well as a half-way closing zippers are big enough for a litre water bottle.
The Lapacker backpack is weighty and materials feel premium, giving you confidence the backpack won't wear out soon. The exterior of the backpack is finish in black with water resistant material.
There is significant padding on the shoulder straps and along the back area so the Lapacker backpack is comfortable on the shoulders even when carrying 10 kg or more of heavy load.
There is also an elastic chest strap across the shoulder straps,which is useful for keeping the shoulder straps secured to your chest.
elastic chest strap
It's also worth mentioning that the padding on the back of the Lapacker 18-inch laptop backpack is split into three sections which helps with sweatiness on your back.
The shoulder straps also have breathable padding and are extra wide (shaped like an S) so they help to spread the weight on your shoulders better.

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