Smartomi Q5 No Wires Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's nice not having wires get in the way, and it's even nicer when inexpensive headphones turn out to be better than expected!
The Smartomi Q5 no wires earbuds are a really good option if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to totally wireless earbuds.
The Q5 earbuds weigh less than 6 grams and are made of nice quality plastics that make the Q5 earphones look more expensive than they are. The finish on the Q5 earbuds is matt black with large big buttons on the front.
The nozzles on the Q5 earbuds are rather unique as they are substantially larger than other wireless earbuds of similar size.
8mm speaker drivers
The Q5 rubber eartips also have a unique jacket design that envelops most of the earpiece and features a small wing/hook which provides a very secure fit.
The sound quality is pretty good while the volume is more than enough even with a fair amount of background noise.
To control the volume from the Q5 earbuds, you need to activate the volume control which is done by holding down the right earpiece button for 3 seconds.
Then, you can volume up with single presses to a total of 3 times from low, medium and high volume. Once you reach high volume, you volume down the same way with single presses.
As mentioned earlier, the user controls consists of a multifunctional button which powers the earbuds as well as control Siri, play/pause and volume. To activate and use Siri, you need to first press and hold the left earpiece button.
Included with the SMARTOMI Q5 earbuds are two sets of different size eartip jackets, a USB to dual micro USB cable, a carrying pouch and user manual.  
As far as battery life, you can get 3.5 hours at 50% volume, about 3 hours at 40% volume and about 2 hours at 100% volume. You can extend the battery life to 4 hours at full volume by using the Q5 earbuds individually. Charging time is around 1.5 hours.
The Smartomi Q5 earbuds have small LEDs integrated in the buttons to indicate pairing mode and working status when listening to audio. The LED is hardly noticeable as the LED light blinks every 15 seconds.
The Smartomi Q5 earphones also have a reset feature to reset the Q5 earbuds so they can sync with one another and pair again to a phone.
carrying pouch
To reset the Q5 earbuds, simply power down both earpieces and long press both buttons at the same time until you see a blinking purple light. When resetting the Q5 earbuds, you also want to unpair the earbuds from your phone.
As far as pairing the Q5, you can pair both earpieces or a single earpiece, which is great as it means you can use the earpieces independently from one another as two separate Bluetooth mono ear pieces. To pair both earpieces to listen to audio in stereo sound, there are two ways.
One way is to automatically sync both earpieces together and then pair as one device. To do this, hold down both buttons on each earpiece at the same time until you see a blinking purple light and then pair to your phone.
The second way to pair the Q5 earbuds is to manually pair each earpiece to your phone as two Bluetooth devices.
If you are pairing each earpiece individually, you will need to pair one at a time and then power off before pairing the other earpiece. You will see the words Smartomi Q5 twice in your phone's list of Bluetooth devices. When you power on both earpieces, you will hear voice prompts saying "left and right channels connected".
The right earpiece controls both earpieces so it's the only earpiece connected to your phone. You can power down both earpieces at the same time by powering down the right earpiece. You can play/pause audio from both the left and right earpieces.
If you want to listen to audio through one earpiece only, power down both earpieces and then power on which ever earpiece you want to use and wait for the earpiece to connect to your phone automatically.
dual micro USB charging cable
 After pairing both earpieces for the first time, they are both remembered by your phone so they will reconnect automatically.
As far as voice calls using the Q5 earbuds, audio is delivered to the right earpiece only. Audio quality is pretty clear and so is the sound picked up by the built-in microphone.
60 day money back guarantee and 18 months warranty
Smartomi is also running some competitions whereby entering you can get 20% off discount. All you need to do is post your new year resolutions here: @smartomi_official on Instagram @SmartOmiGlobal on Facebook and @SmartOmiGlobal on Twitter.

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