a.wallet Hard Case For Apple EarPods headphone jack & Lightning

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Whether you think the Lightning EarPods sound better, worse or exactly the same as the 3.5mm headphone jack version, there is one thing everyone can agree on and that is neither of them come with a handy carrying case! 
Not having a case certainly shortens the lifespan of your EarPods, not to mention how annoying it is when the cord gets tangled.
While Apple does not sell a storage case for EarPods, you can find nifty earphone tidy wrap solutions like the a.wallet which is being kick-started by Marvin Jacob on Kickstarter!
The dimensions of the a.wallet case are 118 x 69 x 13.5 mm and are specifically designed to fit the two versions of Apple's EarPods with a headphone jack and lightning connector.
While the a.wallet is made for Apple's EarPods, you can fit a par if earbuds or earphones that are similarly in design to the EarPods.
The a.wallet hard case can store a pair of EarPods, credit cards, business cards, banknotes and even a key, and because of its small footprint and weight (29 grams) you hardly notice it in your pocket.
The integrated elastic strap comes in several color options, including black, gray, bright orange, wine red, deep pink, pink and emerald blue.
The hard-case body of the a.wallet EarPods hard case is made of polyamide plastic with a grippy, satiny sheen finish in gray and a stainless steel screw fixing.

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