ANKER PowerDrive 2 Elite Blue LED 12-24v USB Car Charger

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

It's great that car manufacturers are adding USB ports as standard on their new car models, but you probably have noticed how slow car USB ports charge your gadgets, right?
That's because most car USB ports output between 0.5 amp and 1 amp so it's like trickle charging your gadgets via the USB port of your laptop computer which at best can output 0.9 amp from a USB 3.0 port!

the PowerDrive 2 Elite works with 24 volt truck batteries
For charging not to feel like an eternity, you need at least 2.1 amps of electrical current going into your gadgets so a car charger like the Roav Viva Alexa car charger or the Anker PowerDrive 2 Elite is up to the job plus it looks stylish with its high gloss plastic finish with carbon fibre textured accents. The PowerDrive 2 Elite car charger looks identical to the PowerDrive+ Speed 2 USB C PD car charger.
The neat thing about using this car charger is that all cars are fitted with a 12 volt socket, which in a pre-1999 car served as the good old 12 volt receptacle for a cigarette lighter. While car cigarette lighters have become obsolete in new cars, car manufacturers have kept the cigarette lighter receptacle which serves as a handy and convenient extension to your car 12 volt battery which can output at least 10 amps.
With a massive 10 amps of current available and a clever USB car charger like the ANKER PowerDrive 2 Elite, you can quickly and safely fast charge your phone and other gadgets in no time.
While the ANKER PowerDrive 2 Elite does not support Qualcomm quick charge, the PowerDrive 2 Elite dual car charger supports PowerIQ which is a technology similar to Qualcomm that automatically delivers the fastest charge your device can manage.
The primary difference between Qualcomm quick charge and PowerIQ is that Qualcomm quick charge varys the amp output according to battery level so when the battery is very low the amp output is increased to 4.6 amps and then gradually reduced to 2.5 amps when battery charge reaches 50%-75%.
The ANKER PowerDrive 2 Elite car USB charger can output a total of 4.8 amps at 24 volts from both USB ports at the same time (2.4 amps each).
The PowerDrive Elite car charger also features Anker's Multi Protection safety technology built-in the car charger that regulates the input/output charge to prevent overcharging, discharging and surge current.
Size wise, the ANKER PowerDrive 2 Elite weighs only 30 grams and measures 63mm long, 35mm high and 35mm thick.
Anker 18-month warranty 

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