Solo New York Kilbourn Full Grain Pebbled Leather Backpack

Monday, February 12, 2018

When it comes to carrying your personal gear around, your choices come down to some type of bag that you either hold in your hand, wear on your back or tote around on rolling wheels! Which bag do you go for really depends on you since bags come in all shapes and sizes.
With that said, the point of a bag is to make carrying your stuff around convenient and easy on your back. The last thing you want is to develop a lopsided gait on your back which rolling bags and handheld unfortunately encourage.
A bag that you wear on your back won't be a pain in your backside as it's the most natural way and ergonomic way to carry a bag because let's face it, dragging a big tote around all day in your hand isn't convenient!
If your mind is set on a backpack, you should consider a leather backpack like the Kilbourn by Solo New York!
The Solo Kilbourn is a full grain pebbled leather backpack that is going to last and age well with time. Just like wine, which gets better with time, a full grain leather backpack also gets better with time.
This quality leather bag backpack by Solo performs impressively as it's breathable and a natural dust mite and fungal resistant.
This means you can store the Kilbourn leather backpack in a closet for a few days without worrying it going mouldy. Plus, because it's real leather the Kilbourn requires minimal maintenance as it is lint and dust-free.
The biggest selling features of the Kilbourn full grain leather backpack is durability, meaning the backpack will not crack or tear over time.
Talking about time, leather bags never go out of fashion and you can see why by looking at the Kilbourn backpack which looks chic, sophisticated and professional.
A few other reasons why leather goods are awesome is because they smell awesome and so does the Kilbourn backpack. A quality leather backpack does not give off any strange smells.
Talking about real leather, it's worth noting the different terminology regarding leather such as full grain leather, pebbled leather and genuine leather, which is the lowest quality of leather. Genuine leather is made from imperfect full-grain leather hide that is then sanded away and stamped with a fake grain on it.
The Kilbourn Leather Backpack is made from full grain leather with pebbled texture finish which is the same leather material and texture finish you get with Wilson NFL Footballs. The Kilbourn backpack has a raised effect on the leather; hence its name pebbled leather which by the way it's super soft to the touch.
the Solo Kilbourn leather backpack measures 28.5 cm wide,  42.5 cm high, 12 cm deep
Another eye-catching, yet discreet feature you get with the Kilbourn leather backpack is the lining which is made of cotton twill dark camouflage .
As far as leather hardware, the Kilbourn leather backpack features buttery smooth zippers and leather pull tags.
The buckles and buckle straps on the Kilbourn leather backpack are made of plastic and nylon fabric material respectively; while the leather shoulder straps are nicely padded. The back of the Kilbourn leather backpack is also padded with black fabric that doubles as a trolley sleeve.
You get four external pocket compartments with the Solo Kilbourn backpack, one with zipper, another with a magnetic flap and two side pockets.
The internal main compartment on the Kilbourn leather backpack features a fully padded laptop compartment (to fit laptops up to 15.6-inches) and a padded tablet compartment.
padded top carry handle 
padded trolley sleeve
Includes 5 year limited warranty

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