Anker SoundBuds Verve Wired 10mm Driver In-Ear Headphones

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It can be annoying sometimes forgetting to charge Bluetooth headphones, which is why it is a good idea to have a pair of wired headphones as a backup!
These wired headphones by Anker are the SoundBuds Verve model A3801 which deliver superb sound and quality build all-round while weighing only 18 grams.
If durability is what you are looking for in a pair of in-earbuds, you can expect the SoundBuds Verve to last you very long thanks to the aluminum alloy body construction and reinforced strain reliefs and cabling.
The entire length of the SoundBuds Verve cable integrates a thermoplastic reinforcement on top, giving the cable a bendy extra thick layer.
The nozzle tips of the SoundBuds Verve are also made of aluminum alloy and integrate a metal mesh inside the nozzles to prevent dirt ingress.
With that said, these earphones are not designed for gym nor working out as they are not IPX-rated like the SoundBuds Slim Plus and Zolo Liberty both of which have an IPX5 rating.
You get a lot of features for the money, making the SoundBuds Verve well worth every penny because of the build quality and sound which is clear with punchy bass thanks to 10mm speaker drivers with an impedance rating of 16 ohms. The SoundBuds Verve have a frequency response between 16Hz and 20kHz.
As mentioned earlier, the SoundBuds Verve are wired so they connect into a 3.5mm audio socket of a smartphone, laptop or computer.
The SoundBuds Verve 3.5mm audio jack is gold plated with a 90-degree angle while the cable length of the SoundBuds Verve is 92 cm long.
There is also a small inline remote control with a single multifunction button integrated in the SoundBuds Verve that lets you control the play/pause, answer/reject calls and skip tracks (no volume control though). A microphone pinhole is built-in to the other side of the remote control. The mic works well, especially in quiet environments.
While audio is playing, the remote button control works via presses. Single press to play/pause the audio, double press to skip the audio forward and triple press to skip the audio backwards.
Along with the SoundBuds Verve wired earphones, you also get a selection of different size ear tips (XS/S/M/L/XL), and a snap-open velvety pouch to carry the earphones.
Anker 18-month warranty included

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