JVC HA-S20BT Flats Wireless On-Ear headphones

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Some of us minimalists like fewer but quality things with simple designs that aren't over the top. Often times, minimal headphones designs are great for listening to music on the way to work without standing out like a sore thumb!
The JVC HA-S20BT Flats Wireless fit the minimal headphone design compromise plus they have a snazzy, understated look with good sound quality across the sound spectrum.
The earcups on the HA-S20BT Flats Wireless have a swivel design similar to the JVC HA-XP50BT Xtreme Xplosive Wireless on-ear so you can lay them flat for transportation. Even better is the weight, they only weigh 96 grams making them ideal for when out-and-about.
The JVC HA-S20BT Flats Wireless feature Bluetooth 4.1 (class 2) and support the SBC codec, which is an audio codec similar to aptX that enhances the audio quality over Bluetooth. There is virtually no difference between SBC and aptX when it comes to audio transmission.
The latency is higher with the SBC codec though but that is only an issue when gaming where you want audio and video syncing without lag. With that said, the HA-S20BT Flats Wireless are not gaming headphones so lagging audio is not an issue.
Frequency response 20Hz-20,000Hz

Talking about audio, the sound quality is brilliant with plenty of volume available on demand. As well as the volume, you can skip tracks and answer calls via the integrated 3-button control on the right earcup thanks to Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP.
The earcup buttons, which are tactile and responsive, blend nicely with the sleak, semi shiny black finish.
The earcup padding is cushy and comfortable, sitting comfortably on your ears without discomfort. The headband can be adjusted and has the right amount of clamping force and a small curvature at the top to prevent hot spot on the top of the head.
The micro USB port is located also on the right earcup, next to the microphone pinhole. Charging the rechargeable battery built-in the HA-S20BT Flats Wireless takes 2.5 hours and lasts between 9 and lasts 11 hours on medium/high volume.
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