Booq Daypack 15 Inch Laptop Backpack

Monday, March 12, 2018

When you don't need to haul around a boat load of stuff for the day that is when a daypack like the Booq Daypack comes really handy!
Whether traveling light or commuting to work or college, you definitely want something durable and the Booq daypack fits the bill because is made of ballistic nylon. It's compact, efficient and practical for carrying your personal items every day.
The Booq bag is great for general everyday use as a small backpack and perfect for carrying stuff for the day when out and about, doing a city tour or going on a day hike; plus, the Booq daypack looks stylish too!
The exterior of the Booq daypack is made of tough waterproof ballistic nylon which is a material that has been around since World War 2 and the same material used in the construction of body armor flak jacket vests, making the Booq daypack somewhat bulletproof.
The interior of the Booq daypack is lined with soft polyester and several pockets and compartments that you can easily access from outside.
Internally, you get a sizeable mesh pocket, a slot compartment for a laptop, a smaller slot compartment for a tablet or similar size item, two pen holders and a small zippered compartment. towards the bottom of the bag. The Booq daypack has a total of 19-litre capacity which is ample space for storing other personal items like maps, books, a powerbank, a jumper, etc.
You can fit a 13-inch Macbook Pro or 15-inch Macbook Air and a regular 16-inch laptop inside the Booq daypack, which measures internally 38 cm high, 28 cm wide and 3.8 cm deep. The exterior of the Booq daypack measures 42 cm high, 31 cm wide and 15.5 cm deep.
Talking about accessibility, the Booq daypack's main compartment opens up the opposite way most daypacks open, making the Booq daypack more ergonomic to access its contents when wearing it on the front of your chest.
waterproof zipper rails
Externally, the Booq daypack features YKK zippers with weather guard seal to keep the water out. The main compartment has double zippers with leather pull tags.
The Booq bag also features a zippered compartment on the front and two expandable side pockets which can be expanded or retracted via snap buttons.
snap button side pockets
The front pocket also features a safety keychain with a button-unclip feature that lets you clip and unclip your keys in a snap of a finger.
While the Booq daypack shoulder strap padding is fairly thin, they are comfortable, contoured shoulder straps which prevents the shoulder straps from falling off your shoulders.
The bottom section of the Booq shoulder straps feature genuine leather, giving the Booq daypack a smart/casual look.
The backside of the Booq daypack has very thick soft padding for the backside which prevents the contents inside the bag from poking your back.
The backside padding of the Booq bag is also breathable which is great for preventing a sweaty backside.
the booq daypack weighs 0.8 kg (1.7 lbs)
The Booq Daypack also includes the Terralinq "lost-and-found" service with a Terralinq serial number for whoever finds your bag can report it to Terralinq so you can recover your lost bag.
Having a lost and found service like this, which is free to register, is neat as you won't have to write your home address on a tag, which is the last thing you want should your bag get found by the wrong hands. Buy it on amazon

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