Cherry Stream 3.0 Scissor-Switch keyboard with laser-etched keys

Thursday, March 29, 2018

What else other than good keystroke action could one ever want from a keyboard? The Cherry Stream 3.0 keyboard is a joy to use plus it's spill resistant so it delays liquid spills from reaching the electronics of the keyboard so you have enough time to turn the keyboard upside-down to drain the spill.
If you're someone who likes to eat and drink while on the keyboard, you definitely want a spill resistant keyboard.
The Stream 3.0 keyboard is a plug and play silent keyboard with standard keyboard layout and six hot-key player buttons, which include mute button, volume up button, volume down button, play/pause button, skip-forward button and skip-backward button.
blue status LEDs
The Cherry Stream 3.0 Scissor-Switch keyboard weighs only 936 grams and measures approximately 47.2 cm long, 17.6 cm wide and 1.8 cm high, making the Cherry Stream 3.0 keyboard extremely thin.
The keystroke action on the Stream 3.0 keyboard is very smooth. It uses SX rubber dome switch keys, which is the standard scissor type switch keys that you find in most laptops. This makes the key operation silent with little force needed for key operation.
The key caps are also low profile keys with wide inter-key spacing which really helps with typing fast and prevents dirt from entering between the gaps of the keys.
Having scissor-switch mechanism, the keys on the Stream 3.0 are attached to the keyboard via two plastic pieces that interlock like a pair of scissors. The plastic scissor pieces link the keycap to a plunger that depresses the rubber dome with a 2mm travel distance, which is much shorter than the travel distance you find in regular rubber dome keyboards (which is around 4mm).
1.80 meters long USB cable
The Cherry Stream 3.0 keys are rated for 20 million key operations and feature laser-etched keycaps, meaning the keycap printing has been done with laser markings which are more durable and last longer. The keycaps as well as the entire keyboard are coated with anti-scratching material, which is nice.
the Stream 3.0 keyboard feels durable and it's nice a 2 year warranty is included
The power consumption of the Cherry Stream 3.0 keyboard is just 25 mA, which is surprisingly less current than the Cherry Gentix Silent which draws 100mA. Then again, a keyboard is mostly in a low-power idle state waiting for a key to be pressed, unlike a mouse whose led light detector is constantly shining and detecting movement even when not in used.

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