Lifemax Soothing Dawn Simulator Bedside Alarm Night Light

Friday, March 30, 2018

Winter mornings can be very gloomy if you have to get up at 5.30 am for the morning commute! Saying that, you can easily brighten up winter mornings with a Lifemax sunrise dawn simulator alarm clock which gradually wakes you up like a natural bright sunrise.
The sunrise alarm clock by Lifemax doubles as a bedside night light and bedside color changing light show alarm clock, which is great.
The back of the Lifemax dawn simulator features the battery compartment, stand, micro USB charging port, speaker grill and radio cable antenna .
The four buttons you see on the back of the unit let you control the volume level, select nature sounds, regulate the intensity of the time display, and change the clock format from 12-hour to 24-hour clock.
You can have the time display light turned off completely, bright or dimmed down very low so not to keep you awake.
The battery compartment takes two AAA batteries so you can power the Lifemax sunrise simulator without being connected to the mains. With that said,
rubberized back stand is removable but non adjustable
On the front of the Lifemax sunrise alarm clock you find the time display, snooze button, current time, alarm button, Up/Down buttons, dimming light button, FM radio button and sunrise button.
It's nice that you get dedicated buttons as opposed to multifunctional buttons so you see clearly at a glance what the Lifemax dawn simulator can do.
The LED light display is nice and bright but can be dimmed down via ten-stage dimming that allows you to dim the light very low in increments. Simply press the light button repeatedly, followed by a choice of six nature sounds or FM radio.
30 minutes before the alarm kicks in, the Lifemax sunrise light simulation gradually starts to increase in brightness as it gets closer to the set alarm. At the time of the alarm, the alarm will either play nature sounds or FM radio for two minutes. You do have the option to select nature sounds or FM  radio, which is nice.
You can snooze the sunrise light simulation for 5 minutes which will then play again for a further 2 minutes. You can press any other buttons at any time to cancel the alarm completely or hold the light button for 3 seconds at any time to switch off the wake up light.
The setup procedure of the alarm time is easy. First, you enable the alarm by pressing the alarm bell button once, then hold down the button again until the alarm time starts to blink which allows you to set the alarm time.
USB A to micro USB charging cable (1.3 meters long)
Immediately after doing the above, you want to select the nature sounds by pressing the "music note" button once and then use "up or down" buttons to navigate through the selection (1 to 7) until you find the nature sound you want. Option 7 sets the alarm as the FM radio instead of a nature sound.
The sunrise time on the Lifemax alarm clock is setup separately from the alarm time by holding the the sunrise button until the time display starts to blink. Then, use the "up and down" buttons to adjust the hours and minutes. The color of the sunrise is light amber and set to very bright all by default.
You can adjust the brightness of the light and change the color from green, red, blue, purple, orange or indigo by pressing the light button once and adjust the brightness via the "up and down" buttons and then press the light button again to change the color using the "up and down" buttons also.

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