Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Racing Seat Chair

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Chairs are often overlooked but they're probably the most important piece of a computer setup, especially if you're sitting for 7+ hours a day!
When buying a chair, you want to look for a combination of features such as metal frame, high quality cushioning and ergonomic design. After all, you want a long lasting chair that won't break on you.
In other words, you want a chair that not only looks great but it's also comfortable to sit in which is especially important if you have a Herniated "slipped" disk in your lower back or plan on doing long marathon sessions at the computer.
The S300 gaming chair by Nitro Concepts is up for the job as it integrates lumbar support and hard cushioning on the chair so it prevents your bum from falling asleep.
The lumber support pillow is useful to have thanks to the lumber support pillow integrating two elastic bands that fit vertically across the chair rather than horizontally.
This makes a world of difference as the lumber support pillow doesn't wiggle around when you get up and sit back down on the chair.
The seat cushioning on the Nitro S300 fabric chair is plenty comfortable but, most importantly it has foam upholstery that is strong and firm.
Even after sitting on the S300 chair for several hours you're not sitting on the hard inner structure of the chair which is the reason you get a numb buttocks in the first place.

Talking about the foam upholstery used in the making of the Nitro S300, it is "cold foam" or polyurethane foam upholstery cured without the use of heat; hence the term "cold foam".
Cold foam is different to hot foam which is cured with heat using latex foam. Cold foam keeps its resiliency longer than hot foam.
The construction of a S300 gaming chair is also very important as you want it to last a long time so it's nice to see the S300 chair has a sturdy steel frame with solid stitching and it's well made overall. The flame logo of Nitro Concepts is embroidered in the headrest, as well as pillows.
When assembled, the S300 chair height can be adjusted from 128 cm and 140 cm thanks to the seat pan which can be adjusted between 48 cm and 61 cm high.
The sitting area seat bolsters can accommodate different size buttocks and they are comfortable on the legs even after sitting for a while.
The backrest of the S300 fabric chair has a total height and width of 87 cm and 56 cm respectively and it's made of the same materials as the seat.
As far as the wheels, they are 50 mm castors made from a hard nylon core with a soft thermoplastic exterior that doesn't scratch wood flooring. The wheels don't squeak and they run quietly over both hard and soft floors.
The S300 gas strut, which is a class 4 hydraulic gas lift, can handle up to 135 kilograms so the S300 chair is suitable for someone weighing up to 297 Ibs. The gas lift is the key component that allows a 13 cm adjustment from 48 cm to 61 cm in height.
The built-in rocking mechanism lets you lean back to 14 degrees, while the backrest can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 135 degrees so you can sleep on the chair with the headrest pillow cushion.
The armrests can be adjusted in different ways, up and down, and they can be angled in and out.The height adjustment of the armrests is a particularly useful feature to have because they let you adjust the height of your arms so they have a flat, cushioned platform to rest your elbows on.
The 3D armrests are 9.5 cm wide and 25.5 cm deep, and are made of polyurethane which is a soft, flexible foam.
After unboxing the S300 chair, it takes 15 minutes to construct it on your own while following the one-page assembly manual. Buy it on amazon
Inside the box, you also find:

gas fift telescopic covers

caster wheel base

side covers

hardware/ allen-screw tool 

tilt control mechanism

assembly instructions

2 Years Guarantee

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  1. So I want to thank you for your pictures! :D I’ve had this chair for a while and absolutely love it. But I had no idea where the head pillow was supposed to go. I put the pillow to low so it was jamming into my neck. I honestly thought about returning it because I thought why would I want a chair that’s not comfortable enough to take a nap in. Then I saw where your pillow was and was like well I’m an idiot. So for real thank you. You made this chair go from a 8 to 10.


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