Anker Nebula Capsule Android DLP LED Projector Bluetooth speaker

Monday, July 23, 2018

A home theater projector that fits in a pocket is a dream come true for those who love watching movies on the go! Even better is an all-in-one projector like the Nebula Capsule DLP LED projector that integrates Android TV and a standalone bluetooth speaker!
With the Nebula capsule, you won't have to attach a separate speaker nor connect it to a computer because the Nebula capsule projector is powered by a Cortex-A7 quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM, and running on Android 7.1 TV which is the same version of Android that you get with Android TV box media players.
nebula set at 5ft distance projects an image 5ft long by 3ft wide
Nebula capsule can stream most popular apps from various services. From the Nebula capsule dashboard, you can also upgrade the software version and erase all the data from the built-in 8GB eMMC storage.
On the top of the Nebula capsule, you find a ventilation inlet, the Nebula logo and the user control buttons which consists of volume control buttons and a mode button to switch between projector mode and bluetooth mode. There is also a power button which doubles also as the stand-by button.

You can wirelessly cast the screen of your iPhone, iPad or Android device onto the projection surface via the built-in feature of your device. For Apple devices, it is called AirPlay (or AirPlay mirroring). For android devices, it's called Screen Cast. While you are restricted from screencasting copyrighted content from your device, you can stream copyrighted content via the screen cast app installed in the Nebula capsule.
micro USB charging cable
Many apps already come preloaded with the Nebula capsule but you can download many more from the Nebula App Store or via a USB 2.0 flash drive if installing Android Package Kit (APK) files. The Nebula capsule projector works right out of the box once connected to a wireless network which gives you instant access to Internet browsing and movies from the Nebula capsule.
Once fully charged, the 5200mAh 3.85V Li-Polymer battery can project light for 4 hours and 30+ hours when playing audio via the integrated Bluetooth speaker. As you can hear from the video above the Nebula capsule speakers deliver clear sound quality, a good amount of bass with loud volume.
The Nebula capsule requires a minimum of 5V 1A input to recharge but the Nebula capsule can handle fast charging speeds so you can use a Quick Charge 2.0 charger or DC 9V 2A power supply to recharge the Nebula capsule (takes just 2.5 hours). Charging time takes twice as long via the USB 2.0 port of a computer. Nebula capsule consumes around 10W of power and 0.5W of power when in stand-by which is pretty good.
Nebula capsule uses the WiFi Standards 802.11standard and a/b/g/n specifications so the Nebula capsule supports bandwidth up to 300 Mbps and uses both  2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.
As with all projectors, the Nebula capsule also gets very hot when running for several hours. You will need to power off the unit when it gets too hot to avoid overheating and make sure not to block or clog the ventilation outlet on the rear of the Nebula capsule (above the infrared receiver).
There are two ways to control the Nebula capsule remotely. One way is via the Nebula mobile app, called Capsule Control (available on Android and Apple). The Nebula app is more convenient to use than the remote control because you can input text using your smartphone's keyboard and use the screen as a mouse.
The other way to control the Nebula capsule remotely is via the included remote control which uses a single CR2031 coin cell battery and features 8 buttons for powering on/off the unit, rebooting, navigating menus and changing modes (bluetooth, projector, mouse key).
While in projector mode, you can connect the Nebula capsule projector to a pair of bluetooth headphones or bluetooth speaker via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
The Nebula capsule DLP projector can be placed on any flat surface and be projected on any surface that doesn't reflect light like the walls of your house. Flat white walls seem to work best but you can try projecting the Nebula capsule on any surface that works best for you.
The Nebula capsule Android projector integrates manual and automatic "keystone correction" (a.k.a. keystoning) which is a very useful feature to have in a projector for shifting the lens without having to physically move the projector to get a square image. With File Manager preloaded, you can easily open APK files after installing them from a flash drive.
There is also another feature called "projector mode" which you set according to the location of the Nebula capsule in regards to the projected surface. You can locate the Nebula capsule in front, behind, above or upside down a projected surface.
you can adjust automatic-sleep from 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
With any projector, distance is important. Nebula recommends to place the projector at least 23- inches away from the projected surface.
Because of the Nebula capsule sizeable 1.3 throw ratio, you can project up to a maximum distance of 121 inches which gives you a projected image of 20 inches high and 100 inches wide.
With that said, you get a better, sharper image projection when placed between 40 inches and 80 inches away.
0.2-inch projector lens
The front of the Nebula capsule features the projector lens, the focus adjusting dial knob (to the side) and speaker grill which covers two 5W speakers.
The Nebula capsule is a 100 lumens projector so the brightness is low compared to the average 1000+ lumen home theater. But, because of the DLP technology the Nebula capsule uses you get very high contrast ratio (400:1) which makes the image pop out even with some ambient light in the background.
Both the micro USB port and HDMI port are located on the rear. The micro USB port has dual functionality for charging and connecting the Nebula capsule to a FAT32 USB flash drive via the included OTG cable.
OTG cable
The HDMI port on the Nebula Capsule supports HDMI playback devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick and the Roku stick
The bottom of the Nebula capsule features a quarter inch thread for attaching the Nebula capsule to a tripod.
The Nebula logo on top of the unit is also an led indicator that lights up red, green and blue to indicate charging (solid red), charge complete (solid green), projector mode and bluetooth mode (solid blue).
Overall, the Nebula capsule projector is a compact mini portable presentation projector that you can easily store in a small bag because it only weighs 425 grams and measures 120mm high and 68mm in diameter.
The Nebula capsule is ideal for presentations, lecturers and anyone who lives in a small apartment where they cannot fit a large flat screen TV. Being a DLP projector, the Nebula capsule does not require maintenance like LCD projectors do because of the filter-free and sealed chip design that prevents dust settling on the chip inside the Nebula capsule.
As mentioned earlier, the Nebula capsule also features keystone lens shift so the Nebula capsule projector is not restricted to small environments so you can use it as a large home theater projector.
DLP projectors are also known for the infamous rainbow effect when bright flashes of color appear on the screen. However, the Nebula capsule is not affected by the rainbow effect because of faster color wheels. Resolution-wise, the Nebula capsule has a 854 x 480 resolution, making it a 480p projector. While 480p is a very low resolution by TV display standards, the Nebula capsule DLP mini projector 480p resolution produces outstanding results with modest pixelation, even when projecting the widescreen 16:9 format which is the native format for HDTV.
Anker branded soft lint-free cloth
drawstring mesh pouch
clear, detailed user manual

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