HeroClip Snap Gate Carabiner Folding Hook 360 Degrees

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Whether woody or urban jungle, the HeroClip carabiner clip hook is a nifty companion that can take a load off your mind!
You can hang HeroClip on your backpack so you can carry additional load on the backpack and you can use the HeroClip to hang the backpack off the ground so the bottom of the backpack doesn't get wet or dirty.
Being able to use the HeroClip to hang a backpack or bag off the floor makes the HeroClip particularly useful in wet, woody areas or in places like a shopping centre where there is no clean place to rest your backpack. Simply hook your bag to the edge of the table and off it hangs!
The HeroClip also doubles as a handy shopping bag handle grip and carrier bag handle holder to carry your shopping bags. While HeroClip isn't padded, your hands don't get as bruised or sored. It's definitely more comfortable carrying four or five shopping bags in your hand with the HeroClip than without it.
The opening of the carabiner part of the HeroClip measures 3.5cm, while the hook part of the HeroClip measures 4.8cm.
HeroClip can also be rotated while weight is hanging off of it and be positioned in various positions such as hanging half moon position.
With that said, you cannot arrange the hook part of the HeroClip like the bottom of an S if you hang anything from it because gravity pulls the hook down to the half moon position
While one could technically use climbing carabiners and some webbing to achieve the same things as the HeroClip, it would be fiddly.
With the HeroClip you get a 3-in-1 solution that is not awkward to use. You clip, swivel and hook so you have the versatility to rotate the position of the clips, not just clip one clip to another.
HeroClip has a rotating joint that lets you swivel the HeroClip 360 degrees, hook it, fold it at two joints and extend it to form two separate surfaces.
The flexibility of the HeroClip lets you attach, hang or clip anything such as skateboards, carry-on luggage, tool pouch and laptop bag thanks to a rubber tip on the foot of the hook which increases grip when resting on surfaces and prevents the hook from sliding out.
HeroClip is made of a solid piece of machined aircraft grade aluminum and consists of three sections: a snap gate carabiner clip, a rotating joint and hook.
Simply push down the snap gate and rotate the hook part to either side so you can fully extend the HeroClip. Both the hook and the clip rotate 360 degrees.
To close the HeroClip, you simply reverse the opening process by rotating the hook part to either side until it aligns on top of the carabiner clip. Then, push down the snap gate to secure close the hook and the clip.
HeroClip weighs 57 grams and can hold up to 27 kg of gear

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