RevoNext RN-QT3 Quad Driver Earphones

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Enclosing four speaker drivers inside an aluminium alloy body, the RevoNext RN-QT3 are not your run-of-a-mill earphones!
The RevoNext RN-QT3 use two balanced armature drivers tuned to deliver specifically the high midrange sound and two dynamic drivers tuned to deliver bass and sub-bass sound.
Quad-drivers tend to be power hungry due to their naturally high impedance but this is not the case with the RevoNext RN-QT3 which have an impedance rating of 15 ohms; hence you can drive them to high fidelity from a smartphone.
Saying this, when using more power via a headphone amplifier dac you can make the RevoNext RN-QT3 sound noticeably better.
You also get better sound out of the RevoNext RN-QT3 when playing HD audio or quality CD rips. Wearing proper eartip size for your ear canals is also very important to get the best experience from the RevoNext RN-QT3 quad-drivers.

twisted cable with clear rubber coating
The RevoNext RN-QT3 fit just like standard in-ear headphones with the cable looping around your ears and the 2-pin connection facing upwards.
Having the cable loop around your ears is a neat design because it prevents accidental pulling. Moving onto the sound quality, the RevoNext RN-QT3 audio reproduction blows you away, mainly because you won't be expecting this type of sound from a set of headphones this size.
The RevoNext RN-QT3 deliver big, powerful sound (105dB sensitivity) with emphasis on each frequency band between a 7Hz and 40kHz audio frequency spectrum, unlike many in-ear headphones which can only reproduce the main frequency bands (treble, mids and bass). The RN-QT3 treble reproduction is impressive and on par with the QT5 dual driver earphones.
With the RevoNext RN-QT3 there is clear distinction and balance between a wide range of frequency bands, including sub-bass, low midrange and upper midrange; hence you get a fuller, defined sound.
Vocals and percussion instruments are clear and detailed which is particularly noticeable when listening to a song you have listened before.
The overall bass is very punchy thanks to the sub-bass range so the RevoNext RN-QT3 are able to reproduce bass heavy instruments such as bass guitar.
The bass is clear without being overwhelming which creates a pleasant harmony with the other frequency bands.
RevoNext RN-QT3 use a different and unique type of connection method using a 2-pin connector to 3.5mm male connector cable which fits into a standard 3.5mm audio socket. The 2-pins, which are detachable, measure 0.78mm long. The RevoNext RN-QT3 earpieces weigh 13 grams (total weight with the cable is 25 grams). Buy it on Amazon
Along with the RN-QT3, you get three silicone ear tips, a 3.5mm to 2-pin detachable audio cable, a cable management velcro strap and a quick start user guide. Check out the NEX202 earphones.

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