Aochy iPhone X Add on Lens Kit Camera Case

Friday, December 28, 2018

Even though most smartphones nowadays can take incredible pictures and videos already, you can get more from your phone camera and take your mobile photography to the next level by using a lens kit like the Aochy multi-lens photo pro case.
IPhone X owners will particularly find Aochy's multi lens kit very appealing because of the 120-degree wide angle lens that is included. 
The iPhone X back camera system does have a 2x telephoto lens and a wide angle lens with only 8x degrees field-of-view which just doesn't cut it! Compare that to the LG V30 smartphone, which has a wide angle lens with a field-of-view of 120 degrees, there is really no comparison between the iPhone X and the V30!
Fortunately, we have third party manufactures like Aochy which fill in the gap and in this case make the iPhone X camera system what it should have been in the first place.
The Aochy lens case kit is plug and play and unlike clip-on smartphone lens kits, the Aochy lens kit features a dual lens system that integrates two lenses in one attachment, making managing all the lenses easier.
Aochy's dual lens kit consists of three attachments containing two types of lenses. One attachment contains a 160°fish-eye lens and a 2x telephoto lens. The second attachment contains a 210x macro lens and a 20x macro lens. The third attachment contains a 120° wide angle lens and a 2x telephoto lens.
There is six lenses in the kit, but in all you only get three different lenses since the iPhone X already has a stock 2x telephoto lens; hence a different lens like a 3x telephoto lens would have been more practical.
 The Aochy iPhone X lens attachment does not clip-on to your iPhone X. Instead, you mount Aochy's lens attachment to the included Aochy case by simply mounting the lens to the lens cutout on the Aochy case and clip it into place.
You then, press and release the tiny button on top to trigger the locking/unlocking mechanism of the lens attachment.
Aochy's mounting system is definitely easier to use than, say, having to thread the lens into the housing on the case like you do with other mounting systems.
Aochy's lens-to-case mounting system has another advantage when compared to clip-on lenses and that is it's more secure so no chance the lens will fly off by accident.
You can also dismount the lens attachment from the Aochy case without removing the case so you can use it as a regular iPhone X case.
Saying this, the lens cutout on the Aochy case does have a hump around it so the case does not sit flush. Then again, the small hump is a very tiny inconvenience considering how Aochy's lens kit makes the camera in your iPhone X greater and more versatile.
When not in use, you can keep Aochy's lens kit tucked away neatly in the included lens storage case which features a preform foam cutouts for the lenses. The aluminum alloy storage case has a nifty spring-loaded open and close mechanism which triggers the lid when pushing into it.
There is no wrist lanyard attachment on the Aochy case but it's nice that the Aochy lens storage case does feature a wrist lanyard attachment for greater safety and protection when carrying the lenses.
Aochy lenses seem quality pieces of optics, clear and sharp so you get good quality of photos and videos.
Using Aochy's lens kit really makes a difference as it adds more capability to the iPhone X beyond the stock telephoto lens.
Aochy's case fits the iPhone X like a glove while looking stylish and protecting your very expensive iPhone X.
The Aochy case has very good depth so the screen of your iPhone X is protected by the edges from face-down scratches.

The Aochy protective lens case is made of rubber with PU leather backing which hides a nifty secret card compartment and holder for a pen. The PU leather backing also doubles as a smartphone case stand.

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