BAGSMART Beginner Camera Day Shoulder Bag

Monday, December 31, 2018

The unending quest to get the best shot makes photography a very exciting hobby! While fun, if you are getting started with photography and making videos, you don't have to spend hundreds on gear like seasoned photographers do to get top notch shots.
All you need is a decent camera and the equipment for it like lenses and batteries to get the shots you want to get and to do that you need a bag to carry it around with.
The BAGSMART camera bag is everything a beginner photographer could want from a camera bag, including a fashionable design too.
The BAGSMART beginner camera bag doesn't look like the generic amateur camera bag that comes with DSLR kits for beginners.
Because of its design, the BAGSMART camera bag looks more like an insulated lunch bag which is actually a good selling point for safety conscious photographers who don't like advertising to the world they are carrying expensive gear with them.
The exterior of the BAGSMART camera bag is made of two types of water repellent polyester. The material of the bag is similar to the roll top backpack which is made of thick canvas-style polyester fabric, while the bottom is made of PU coated polyester fabric.
While the BAGSMART beginner camera bag and zipper seams aren't waterproof, a waterproof rain cover is included to solve the problem.
The rain cover is concealed on the underside of the bag inside a velcro pouch compartment. So well hidden is the rain cover compartment that you have to do a double take around the bag to find it!
The rain cover fits the BAGSMART camera bag like a glove thanks to an elastic seam around it that seals the bag tightly preventing water from getting it.
The rain cover is permanently attached to the bag via a fabric seam and it's designed to be pulled over the top of the bag downwards so only the bottom of the bag is exposed to the elements.
There are a total of three external zipper compartments with smooth operating seams. You get one zipper compartment on either side of the BAGSMART camera bag and a zipper compartment on top.

The zipper compartment on top is the main zipper compartment featuring twin zips. All zippers have corded pull-tabs which make fastening the seams easier.
The external front zipper compartment and zipper lid compartment feature internal zipper compartments so you even get more storage space for holding things like batteries, SD cards and other bits and bobs like a wallet and a smartphone.
Aside from external zipper compartments, you get a hand grip, elastic mesh side pockets and a very useful trolley sleeve that lets you attach the BAGSMART camera bag to the handle bars of a suitcase.
pass-through trolley sleeve
The total dimensions of the BAGSMART camera bag are 24cm long, 13cm wide and 18cm high and the weight is  450 grams.
There are also two metal loops on either side of the bag to fit the included padded shoulder strap which is 133cm long and adjustable.
Moving on internally, the BAGSMART camera bag main compartment is 23cm long, 11cm wide and 17cm high which is deep enough for a beginner camera (i.e. Canon T5i, Sony A5000) charger, speedlight and a lens (maybe two).
weighty metal clips
The main compartment has very thick padding and it's compartmentalized via two padded dividers which makes the entire storage area super secure while your gear is in there.
And, it's not just beginner photographers. Seasoned photographers will also like the BAGSMART camera bag because the bag is just the right size to carry equipment for a day's photography.

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