RevoNext RX8S Triple Driver IEMs

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Everybody has their own preference when it comes to headphone style. Some people prefer over the ears that engulf the ears and some people prefer in-ear monitors (a.k.a. IEMs) that insert in the ear canal.
Aside from the style preference, there is also the driver setup to think about because nowadays you can get multi-driver headphones with three drivers like the RevoNext RX8S and as many as 12 drivers which is simply remarkable.
It's hard enough making a decent headphone with one driver let alone 12 drivers which is a really complicated setup that is hard to make sound good because multiple drivers can overlap and create gaps between the frequency ranges.

The good news is though that headphones, particularly multi-driver IEMs are getting better every day and their price is going down. 
The bad news though is that many people are splashing out on multi-driver headphones thinking more drivers automatically equals better sound when that is not the case especially when you plan to use multi-driver headphones exclusively for listening to music.
Generally speaking, multi-driver headphones provide the best way to get more detailed sound and decent bass without drowning out the treble.
In-ear monitors that tend to have as many as 12 drivers are geared towards studio engineers and cost hundreds of pounds. If you aren't going to be seriously mixing/ mastering music other than doing casual listening it's not worth the investment, plus in-ear monitors for mixing make the treble too high to be able to enjoy the music you listen to.
If you still want to get a taste of studio-like in-ear monitors without paying a hefty price it's worth checking out in ear monitors with less drivers. These days, you can get budget alternatives from two driver setups, four driver in ear monitors and three drivers like the mentioned RevoNext RX8S.
In terms of exterior design, the RevoNext RX8S shells look the exact double of the RX8 earphones but the polycarbonate shells are more durable on the RX8S earphones because of the UV coating on top which further hardens the shells. The RX8S shells have a cool honeycomb pattern and high gloss transparent finish on the sides with a high gloss black finish on the rest of the body.
Internally, the RevoNext RX8S shells feature three drivers, consisting of one dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers which provide better sound stage, more clarity and better instrument separation.
Just like with most triple driver in-ear headphones, the RevoNext RX8S uses two balanced armature drivers to handle the midrange and treble, and a dynamic driver to handle the bass. The bass response is good but just like all in-ears getting a proper seal inside the ear canal is the key to getting good bass; hence why you want to use foam tips with in-ears as they provide a better seal similar to earplugs. Foam tips aren't included with the RevoNext RX8S but you get soft silicone ear tips.
The triple driver configuration in the RevoNext RX8S is obviously not going to be as accurate as studio grade in ears but the RX8S do a good job of brightening the sound so you can pick out details and mistakes in a song.
Most earbuds with one driver setup tend to be evenly equalized to enhance the sound which in turn makes the music that you listen to not sound real. If you like listening to music as it was recorded in the studio, the RX8S triple drivers are able to deliver a pretty accurate reproduction.

With the RX8S triple drivers, you get flat, neutral sound across a frequency response range between 7Hz and 40kHZ so you get a much lower end bass, and higher end treble than you could ever get with single driver in-ears.
The RevoNext RX8S cable has a similar build quality as the RX8 cable so you get braided cabling with transparent protective rubber sleeves towards the ends so you can mould and loop the top section of the cable around your ears comfortably.
The connector configuration is also a standard 2-pin so you can replace the RX8S cable with a third-party cable if it gets damaged or you want a longer cable.
Other accessories that come with the RevoNext RX8S earphones include a soft-shell silicone pinch pouch to store the earphones for transportation. Check out the NEX202 earphones.

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