Mifo O5 Standard True Wireless Earbuds with 100 hours Playtime

Monday, July 29, 2019

As more headphone manufacturers are beginning to release true wireless earbuds with an in-ear monitor (IEM) shape, there is no better time than now to switch to true wireless earbuds!
The Mifo O5 have a cool IEM shape, good sound, great battery life, and most importantly, the Mifo O5 are well priced. Aside from not featuring USB-C technology, the Mifo O5 feature just about everything one could ever want from true wireless earbuds.
The Mifo O5 use USB-A to micro USB technology, which for some people may feel like outdated technology compared to the now popular USB-C connection.
Of course, not everyone has converted to USB-C nor they own an ultra laptop or Macbook. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people still use computers with no USB-C ports; hence why USB-A and micro USB are still relevant in 2019.
While some people may get blindsided by the Mifo O5's lack of USB-C, other people will appreciate what the Mifo O5 has to offer, including a charging case that can power the Mifo O5 earbuds for an amazing 100 hours playtime!
The equivalent of 100 hours is 4 days, which is pretty remarkable considering some flagship wireless earbuds that have USB-C and wireless charging can only deliver less than 20 hours playtime.
The Mifo O5 charging case takes 4 hours to charge. The fact that you can get 100 hours playtime before you have to charge the case is a huge incentive for anyone who likes spending more time listening to their music and less time charging.
The 60mAh battery inside the Mifo O5 earbuds can power them for 6.5 hours (on 55% volume) and hold charge for a long time (approximately 100 days on standby inside the charging dock). The Mifo O5 charging dock has an internal 2600mAh battery capacity that can recharge the earbuds 15 times over.
The Mifo O5 earbuds have a plastic construction with a shiny aluminum finish on top. The addition of a red ring around the right earbud and blue ring around the left earbud makes them easier to quickly differentiate from one another.
As far as functionality and usability, the Mifo O5 feature four little tiny physical buttons on the earbuds for controlling the audio playback.
The tiny buttons include a power on/off button (on each earbud) and a volume up (right earbud) and and volume down button (on the left earbud), which also double as the skipping buttons for skipping to next and previous audio tracks.
While these buttons are somewhat cute and quirky, they are physical buttons that you actually have to press with a bit of force. Some may find these tiny buttons not as convenient as touch controls, which don't require you to jam the earbuds into your ear canals!
The Mifo O5 charging case has a beautiful aluminum finish, magnetic lid and a metal hinge that helps the lid have a satisfying snap closure.
Once the lid is closed though, you literary have to use your fingernail to open it. With that said, you get a magnetic lid on the charging case and magnetic charging enclosure so, even if the lid is open the earbuds won't fall out.
The Mifo O5 charging dock has a nice premium weight to it (approx. 107 grams) with round, oval edges. This charging case is, definitely, one of the nicest earbuds charging cases you'll ever see. On the side of the case, you find the micro USB port and status led indicator, which lights solid green while charging.
The Mifo Q5 microphone call quality delivers a satisfactory overall experience during phone calls. The call audio is delivered to both earbuds and it's clear. The person on the other end can hear you though, the microphones don't have active noise cancellation to filter background noise.
Each O5 earbud has its own built-in microphone, which is strategically placed at the end of the tip of the earbuds. The tip design is useful and clever because it's designed to fit inside the ear intertragic notch, which provides a more secure fit. The earbuds are also lightweight (4.9 grams each) so they're super comfy to wear.
 The Mifo O5 use a Realtek 8643B bluetooth 5.0 chip so, there is no support for aptX for high resolution audio. You get instead SBC sound quality and AAC if using an iOS device (AAC codec isn't currently compatible with Android)
AAC is used by Apple Music and iTunes, offering sound quality close to CD quality. AAC provides slightly better quality audio (256kbps) than SBC and even aptX in terms of compression (352kbps aptX is approximately equivalent to 200kbps AAC).
The Mifo O5 feature 6mm speaker drivers, which deliver a very good audio experience. You get loud max volume level, good soundstage and clean bass. The soundstage is fairly wide so there is good instrument separation and detail.
The Mifo O5 true wireless earbuds also have a superb long range for true wireless earbuds. The main earbud (right) can be separated from the left earbud up to 7 meters away without the connection breaking up or disconnecting.
Even though they don't feature ambient sound passthrough, the Mifo O5 are IP67 water and dust resistant and will automatically pair to your phone when taken out of the charging case.
Accessories included are a flat lime green micro USB cable, along a bunch of eartips to suit different size ear canals.

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