STM Trilogy Durable Water Resistant Backpack For 15-inch Laptop Screens

Friday, July 26, 2019

A nice bag you can bring to the office and to the gym, the STM Trilogy backpack works well as a daily tech bag or gym bag. Because it's not too small and nor too big, the Trilogy backpack is comfortable and convenient to wear every day, which is a plus when commuting.
Depending on how much gear you like to carry around, if you are a light loader the STM Trilogy backpack will be big enough to carry both your laptop and gym clothes, as well as other bits and bobs like gadgets and electronics inside little pockets.
A total of 24 litres worth of gear can be stored inside the Trilogy backpack, including a laptop. The two main compartments for keeping your gear separated open up via metal alloy dual zippers with bungee cord pull tabs.
Backpack handles can sometimes be an afterthought but not on the STM Trilogy backpack. You get a proper handle that you can comfortably grip, thanks to thick padding and reinforced stitching that gives you confidence the handle won't break apart during the lifetime of the bag. A lifetime warranty is included with the Trilogy backpack, which is nice.
There is an open pocket on the front of the Trilogy backpack, which goes all the way down to the base of the backpack so, it's a deep compartment where you can keep things like a large water bottle and other non-expensive items that you need within easy reach.
Just beneath the front open pocket, there is a webbing strip with a loop for attaching anything you can think of, including a monopod, an ice pick or rock climbing keyring.
There are two netted mesh pockets on the sides of the backpack, which are tall and have elastic seams around so items won't fall out. The side pockets are roomy and will fit a large gym water bottle or a bunch of loose tech gear like charger cables and wall adapters without them falling out of the side pockets.
Towards the bottom end of the front of the backpack you find a zippered compartment. Speaking of bottom, the bottom of the STM Trilogy backpack has the same 100% polyester material and DWR C6 coating the rest of the backpack has.
Polyester material, by itself, is only water resistant but with the addition of reverse coil zippers, DWR (Durable Water Repellent) on the polyester fabric and waterproofing polyurethane coating on the polyester lining inside the backpack, the STM Trilogy backpack is virtually 100% waterproof.
The main compartment where the laptop will be housed also has dual zippers, which open up about three-quarters of the way down for easy access to the bottom of the backpack.
Inside the main compartment, you find two open-air sleeve pockets, one of which is designed for laptop screens 15-inch in size.
The thickness of the laptop doesn't matter much because the laptop sleeve can expand outwards up to 5cm; hence you could use the laptop sleeve for something else other than a laptop like an A4 ring binder, for instance.
As mentioned, the laptop sleeve pocket is open so, there is no velcro strap to secure down the laptop although that shouldn't be a problem since the laptop sleeve is fairly tall. There is no chance for a laptop to fall out of the sleeve, which by the way, is suspended within the backpack keeping the laptop far enough from the zone of impact.
Aside from inner sleeves, the Trilogy main compartment features a netted compartment with zipper, which is ideal for miscellaneous stuff like toiletries, USB drives, cables and powerbanks.
The keychain attachment is located on the front zippered compartment where you find also more pockets.
The Trilogy backpack has a decent number of compartments but, if you need more compartmentalization space and a backpack that zips open all the way to the bottom it's best checking out the Myth backpack. They are about the same size too.
Both the Saga 15 backpack and the Trilogy backpack look almost identical. Same construction, similar design and almost the same size with the STM Trilogy backpack being slightly bigger (46cm tall, 30cm wide and 16cm deep).
Total weight when empty is 650 grams. When fully packed/loaded, the STM Trilogy backpack can be comfortably expanded up to 23cm
The back padding on the Trilogy backpack is thick, comfortable and very generous, covering the entire back side of the backpack. 
The padding is covered by mesh, which makes it breathable and it's layered, allowing air to passthrough so your backside doesn't get as sweaty.
The shoulder straps have an ergonomic S-shape design rather than a straight-cut, and while there is no sternum chest strap integrated, the s-shape helps keep the shoulder straps on your shoulders. Buy on amazon

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