Vivobarefoot Magna Trail Vegan High Tops With Ankle Socks

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sandals and clogs are, probably, the closest things to primeval footwear! And, while sandals and clogs fall under the same category as barefoot/vegan shoes, sandals and clogs aren't actually all that good for the health of your feet.
The reason why sandals, clogs and any backless slip-on shoe aren't all that good for the health of your feet is because they force your toes to grip while walking, and that interferes with a natural walking gait. If you have a bad back, you definitely want to avoid sandals or clogs at all cost!
If you really do like the freedom of sandals but care about the welfare of your feet, it is best to opt for a sandal style with a closed back or switch to a vegan high top shoe like the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail.
The Magna Trail are comfy barefoot high tops that you can use for walking and hiking, thanks to their puncture resistant sticky rubber soles, which is the same type of sticky sole found in climbing boots.
The Magna Trail soles provide a solid grip on virtually any surface, including sand, limestone, brick, wood, metal and granite, making them ideal for rock climbing and bouldering natural rock formations, as well as the artificial rock walls of an indoor rock climbing centre,
As far sizing and fit, the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail fit slightly different than regular trainers and shoes. If you are typically a UK 9, your best fit is likely to be a UK 8 even, if you have wide feet.
The Magna Trail high tops are wide around the midfoot with excellent spacing in the toe box area so, your toes have room to move comfortably and your feet won't develop neuroma (inflamed nerves), which happens when shoes are too tight in the toe box.
When buying the Magna Trail shoes, it's also worth using Vivobarefoot's "fit finder" tool to help give you an idea of the correct shoe size for your feet. You can also use a ruler to measure your foot length from the back of the heel to the toes, which is another accurate way to get the correct size for your feet.
Buying shoes based on region sizing alone (i.e. UK, EU, US) is not a good idea because "region sizing" is not standardized so, you get a lot of discrepancies. It's best buying shoes based on foot length whether mens, junior or womens shoes.
Most shoe companies do advertise the sizing of their shoes in cm or mm but sizing is different for both men, women and children across all shoe companies; hence using foot length remains the better way to get the right pair of shoes.
If you were to buy a pair of Vivobarefoot Magna Trail for mens and your foot measured 28.2cm your UK size would be 9, your US size would be 10 and your EU size would be 43.
If you were to buy the Magna Trail for womens and your foot measured 28.2cm, you would be a UK 9, US 11.5 and EU 43. If you are in between sizes, it's always best to go with a larger shoe size.
Being made of sealed seams, thermoplastic rubber and PET material (polyamide nylon plastic), the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail high top shoes retain heat very well while preventing water ingress, making them suitable for cold weather and rainy conditions.
Aside from the stitching of the rim of the high top section, the rest of the Magna Trail seams are not sewn but bonded together, using a fabric adhesive while the high tops are made of neoprene, which keeps your ankles warm and dry.
3.5mm removable thermal insole included
After wearing them all day, you will like the "honest" feeling of being fully aware of all of your tendons and joints from the hip down. The Magna Trail high tops won’t mask off those pesky joint/tendinitis issues that you may have been accruing over the years and that's always a distinctive attribute with good footwear.
Unbeknownst to most people, regular footwear is the reason for many injuries. However, if you are getting a pair of barefoot high top shoes like the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail for the first time, you want to keep mind the transition period.
Wearing barefoot shoes that are really low to the ground can take time for your feet to adjust to, especially if all you have ever worn were high heel or cushioned shoes.
The Vivobarefoot Magna Trail make a noticeable improvement on your climbing, running and walking. So happy your feet will be that you will have a hard time going back to wearing regular shoes for everyday wear.
Whether out on a trail or the office, the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail are a stylish, lightweight (347 grams) pair of waterproof barefoot high tops made with PET synthetic fabrics and no animal ingredients. The Indian teal color finish make them stand out too.

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