RHA TrueConnect TWS With Fast Charging Case

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What’s your favorite true wireless earbud to date? Headphones are used a lot these days and to know what you are buying there needs to be good reviews for them. The latest true wireless on the market are the TrueConnect (pictured) and TrueConnect 2 (second gen) by RHA.
The RHA TrueConnect feature onboard user controls, which are operated via the single multi- functional button on the left earpiece and the single multi- functional button on the right earpiece.
There is full audio playback control so, you can control the play/pause, skipping of tracks, answer/reject calls, and even volume up and volume down via a series of button presses. For instance, pressing the left and right earpiece buttons three times increases and decreases the audio playback volume respectively.
You can also activate voice assistant (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc), as well as volume up and volume down during a phone call. The audio phone call plays through both ear pieces and the quality of the microphones is natural sounding with good amplification. The microphones are located at the end of the earpiece steam.
Both TrueConnect earpieces cannot be paired simultaneously to more than one device but you can pair the right earpiece up to two devices. There is also manual pairing capability so, you can manually initiate bluetooth pairing by pressing and holding the right earpiece button for 5 seconds.
While there is no adaptive noise cancellation feature on the RHA TrueConnect, which would allow ambient noises to automatically pass through the earpieces, the TrueConnect do feature on-board volume control that allows you to manually regulate the volume level of the earpieces without having to reach to your smartphone.
Charging the TrueConnect earpieces is done via the included case, which doubles as a Quick Charge charger powerbank. Thanks to USB-C built-in, the charging case is able to top off 50% of the earpieces' Li-Ion battery in just 15 minutes for a maximum of 2.5 hours of playback time.
The TrueConnect charger case has an internal 930mAh (3.441Wh) capacity battery, which takes 2 hours to fully charge. The earpieces take approximately 90-100 minutes to fully charge so just a little over 1 hour and 30 minutes.
The TrueConnect earpieces provide 5 hours of audio playback at 50% volume and 2.5 hours at maximum volume. The charging case provides an additional 20 hours of battery power so a total of 25 hours, which is superb.
The charging speed is blazing fast, considering that the earpieces are being charged via the charger case and not a wall charger. The TrueConnect charger case is as fast as a Quick Charge 4.0 wall charger.
Fitting the earpieces back into the TrueConnect charger case is a matter of sliding the correct earpiece into its corresponding pod, which is large enough to fit the earpieces snugly with the included silicone and Comply TrueGrip Plus foam noise isolating eartips.
If you plan to use third party ear tips, there probably won't be a reason since ten pairs of different-size ear tips are already included with the TrueConnect. The ear tips are neatly stored on the included ear tip holder.
The red dot you see inside the charger case and on the underside of the right earpiece is designed to help you remember where each piece goes because it isn't as intuitive at first.
The inner compartment of the charger case is made of TPU silicone rubber, which is a similar material used externally on the front and back of the charger case. The matt finish also helps make the case less of a finger magnet so greasy finger smudges aren't too visible.
The TrueConnect earpieces are constructed with silicone rubber injection moulding, meaning the earpieces are created from cavity molds where the silicone rubber is injected at high pressure, instead of poured into a mould like with casting, or printed with a 3D printer.
The process of silicone rubber injection moulding is similar to that of stainless steel injection moulding, which is used for the making of the T20i earphones.
The TrueConnect earphones have a nice comfortable fit inside the ears, thanks to their soft rubberized exterior body. They are truly wireless in-ear headphones so they insert into the ear canal, as opposed to resting outside the ear canal like earbuds do. This means they stay in the ear more securely. The TrueConnect are relatively lightweight too, weighing just 6.5 grams each (total 13 grams).
The TrueConnect charging case is rubberized and with addition of the aluminum metal band around the body and sides, it gives the charging case a more solid construction (total weight 78 grams). When taking the earbuds out of the case, you have to take the earpieces in order (right earpiece first).
Being truly wireless, the RHA TrueConnect use bluetooth connectivity, implementing the latest version, bluetooth 5.0, which improves on bluetooth 4.2 by providing better power consumption and more stable signal connection.
To benefit from the improvements though, the TrueConnect have to be paired to a bluetooth 5.0 device. The wireless range has a 10-meter maximum range in direct line of sight.
Max volume isn't overly high so the TrueConnect don't get very loud. There is no support for high resolution audio either, which means no aptX or AAC support. There is only support for SBC bluetooth codec, which does come as a surprise, considering the cheaper MA750 and MA650 earphones support aptX.
The audio/video lag is very minimal when watching Neflix and YouTube on newer android devices but on iPhone devices the audio and video does not sync properly.
The overall audio and sound produced by the 6mm speaker drivers is natural sounding with neutral bass, treble and midrange, and narrow soundstage. They sound good and the sound is noticeably better and more detailed when wearing eartips that fit snugly inside your ear canal.
Taking everything into account, the RHA TrueConnect  are a pretty solid pair of in-ear headphones with a minimalistic and snazzy flip-up case perfect for daily use and exercise, thanks to IPX5 sweat resistance.
For some, the TrueConnect maybe a tad expensive but the generous number of eartips and 3 year warranty more than make up for it.

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