Nayo Almighty Review Clamshell Backpack With Thermal Pocket

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Nayo Almighty is a functional, 32 litre backpack that makes you look professional in a casual way It has enough volume size and organizational pockets for neatly storing every-day-carry items like cables, cords and gadgets, as well as gym gear, shoes, and hygiene kits.
The Nayo Almighty has a stealthy-black color scheme so, it's perfect for a professional work environment where you have to wear a suit but it's also casual enough for college or university.
Compared to most backpacks, which have a splay-opening design, the Nayo Almighty incorporates a clamshell opening that allows the Nayo Almighty to conveniently open in two halves so, you can see all your gear at a glance.
The 180-degree opening uses a reverse coil zip design, integrating dual SBS zips with metal eyelet pulltabs for running a small padlock through and securing the main compartment.
The Nayo Almighty two-halves can be laid flat on a surface, just like the opening of a suitcase so, you can easily organize and find your stuff very quickly.
The internal mesh net compartment works like screen netting for privacy and integrates dual zips that let you half-open the mesh to retrieve something without showing the entire compartment. The internal mesh netting also doubles as a protective cover, securing the contents inside.
The internal mesh net compartment also features two detachable zip bags, two small elastic side pockets and a USB-A charging cable that runs to the outside of the backpack via a discreet pass-through hole.
The small zip sleeve pouch is adequately design to safely store a power bank but it's large enough to be used for storing anything else you can think of. The USB-A cable is long (approximately .2 meters), letting you run a connected powerbank down to one of the elastic pouches on the side.
These open side pouches inside the main compartment of the Nayo Almighty make ideal secret compartments for small valuables like a smartphone.
The removable zip pouches are a neat addition to the backpack as it further increases the organizational space inside the Nayo Almighty backpack. You can store small bits and pieces such as charging cables, smartphones, toiletries.
The other half of the main compartment, features dual sleeve pockets for storing a 17-inch laptop and a 15-inch laptop. You can store thin and thicker laptops, thanks to the wide spacing inside the laptop compartments, which also feature cross-sided elastic straps to secure the laptops.
Below the the laptop compartments, there are two open pouches with elastic straps on the sides, allowing the pockets to expand outwards.
All internal compartments and pouches feature the same lightweight lining polyester material. Externally, the Nayo Almighty is made of 600 denier polyester with waterproof coating. The higher the denier rating, the weightier and stronger the fabric is; hence 600 denier fabric translates to 600 grams in weight.

Polyester is a strong fabric but not as strong as nylon fabric. 600 denier nylon is actually stronger than 600 denier polyester. Both polyester and nylon are water resistant only so, it's nice that waterproof coating has been added to the Nayo Almighty to keep rain out.
There is no reinforced bottom on the Nayo Almighty backpack so, the bottom section features the same 600 denier polyester material as the rest of the backpack. Reinforcement is always useful because the bottom section of backpacks tend to wear out more prematurely because they are constantly placed on the ground.
The Nayo Almighty side pockets include an open side pocket for water bottles and a thermal side pocket with a full zip closure for storing hot or cold food.
The thermal insulated pocket can also work for keeping a cold water bottle cold or a hot beverage hot.
The top section of the Nayo Almighty backpack features thick foam padding, as well as a top pocket with a zip, which can fit an iPhone X longways. There is no haul loop or padded grab handle on the top. Instead, you get a metal grab handle sewn into polyester webbing.
The metal handle has a smooth rounded design so, it's extremely comfortable in the hand even when carrying heavy loads. Having said this, the metal handle construction doesn't feel as secure as a fabric grab handle made of s single piece that is sewn into the body of the bag.
On the front of the Nayo Almighty, you find a zip compartment that opens 180 degrees, revealing a shallow compartment with a detachable key clip, two pencil holders and two larger holders to store small items.
All zip compartments feature dual reverse coil zippers with the same eyelet pull tab design for running a small padlock.
On the external front side of this compartment, there is a secret compartment with a horizontal hidden zipper.
The back side of the Nayo Almighty features eva padding, which is is the best type of padding to use on a backpack that is designed for heavy loads like the Nayo Almighty. Eva padding is actually foam rubber so, the padding feels more springy and dense than regular open cell and closed cell foam padding.
There are two small air flow channels in the mid-back section and lower back section of the Nayo Almighty, though ventilation is not as effective as backpacks with split back padding, which does a better job at ventilating your backside. Saying this, having a continuous block of EVA padding is exceptionally comfortable on the back because each inch of your back is padded.
On the backside of the Nayo Almighty, you also find a padded zip pouch and a pass-through strap to slide the backpack inside the handle bars of a suitcase trolley.
The shoulder straps seem to be made of regular open-cell foam padding and feature small zip pockets, as well as an elastic holder for hooking a pair of sunglasses or clipping anything with a shirt clip.
Total dimensions of the Nayo Almighty backpack are 51cm tall, 17cm deep (thick) and 35cm wide, and weighs 1.5 kilograms. Check out the review of the Nayo EXP Backpack.

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