RHA Wireless Flight Adapter Review

Monday, August 26, 2019

When it comes to in flight entertainment system, the audio quality is probably the biggest complaint most passengers have. Either the audio isn't terribly good or it isn't loud enough to overcome the sounds of the plane.
A few ways to improve the audio on an airplane TV include, bringing your own tablet or laptop, or using a pair of high resolution headphones, which is probably the most convenient way if the inflight entertainment has a single headphone jack.
Most airplanes though, use two headphone jacks, requiring the use of a flight adapter, which is neat but still doesn't solve the problem of accidentally yanking out the headphone cable when you get up from the seat. This is where a wired-free adapter like the RHA wireless flight adapter comes in handy because it lets you connect wirelessly so, you don't have to worry about remembering that you are plugged in!
Instead of having headphones wired directly to a plane's in flight entertainment system, the RHA wireless flight adapter lets you create a true untethered experience as long as the airline permits bluetooth transmission. This is because some airlines won't allow wireless flight adapters unless the plane supports Wifi onboard.

The RHA wireless flight adapter has a few neat features going for it, including support for SBC and aptX as well as the low latency version of aptX, which decreases audio lag even further, letting you enjoy movies without audio syncing issues.
Thanks to support for high resolution audio, you won't need a pair of high resolution (hi-res) audio headphones to improve the inflight entertainment system audio. As long as your headphones support aptX, you will be able to watch and listen in flight entertainment audio in hi-res quality via the RHA wireless flight adapter.
Another problem the RHA wireless flight adapter solves is the low volume that you get when using 2-prong airline adapters. The wireless adapter delivers good audio with very good amplification. 
The RHA wireless flight adapter is extremely easy to use and has a "share" feature too that allows two sets of headphones to be connected to the RHA wireless flight adapter. This is pretty cool because you and someone else will be able to listen to the same audio at the same time and from one single airplane adapter, which is very convenient.
The RHA wireless flight adapter can be used outside of a plane like a regular bluetooth transmitter connected to any audio source that has a 3.5mm headphone/audio jack such as a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. The RHA wireless flight adapter uses bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and has a strong 10 meters range.
The pairing process couldn't be easier. Plug the RHA wireless flight adapter into the headphone/audio jack of a device, hold down the button on the side until the led starts blinking blue and then initiate pairing mode on your headphones/earphones. The blinking blue light on the RHA wireless flight adapter turns solid blue (pairing successful) and then solid white (battery status).
The RHA wireless flight adapter 3.5mm gold-plated connectors slide up and down individually via a grippy pivoting block that makes drawing the connectors effortlessly. The 3.5mm connector with a black ring is a mono plug, while the connector with two black rings is a stereo plug. There are also white dots on the front of the unit to easily distinguish between mono (single dot) and stereo (two dots).
Being able to fold down the RHA wireless flight adapter prongs means easy transportation, letting you stow it away virtually anywhere, thanks to its small footprint. The wireless adapter weighs 22 grams and measures 5cm long by 4.5cm wide. The wireless adapter pebble-like housing is made of ABS so, it has a solid plastic feel to it that is different to TPE plastic, which has a rubber-like feel to it.
RHA's 3-year warranty
In terms of battery life, the RHA wireless flight adapter can deliver audio playback for up to 15 hours, thanks to the built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, which has a capacity of 330mAh. The led light is also programmed to show the battery status by showing solid red (20 minutes or less of battery life) and solid white when there is more than 20 minutes of battery life.
Battery performance is better when the RHA wireless flight adapter is connected to another bluetooth 5.0 device although the flight adapter is backwards compatible with previous bluetooth versions (i.e. bluetooth 4.2).
There is a USB-C port on the side of the RHA wireless flight adapter that lets you connect a USB-C cable into it. There is no support for quick charge but charging the RHA wireless flight adapter takes 90 minutes approximately. A 20cm long USB-C to USB-A cable is included.

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